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At ECD, we created the UVC (Ultimate Vehicle Concept) in response to the overwhelming demand from clients who want a pure, handcrafted SUV that is not limited by a specific Bill of Materials or budget. With one-of-one builds, we’re pushing the creative envelope with bigger, more capable trucks that celebrate our heritage with added daily comfort and reliability.

Each UVC Defender is designed by the client and built in a separate production area at The Rover Dome in Kissimmee, Florida. East Coast Defender vehicles are designed to be capable drivers across a multitude of situations, including daily commutes. UVC vehicles will push the boundaries and be designed specifically for how the client will use the truck. Each UVC Defender will represent a no-budget, no-creative block that is built from scratch and represents a one-of-one Defender. The result will be a true, signature SUV that is purpose-built for the most extreme off-road and weather conditions, yet does not compromise ECD’s work on their other custom builds.

Project Viper is our first custom SUV to emerge from the new UVC division.

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