Top 5 uses for a Custom ECD Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Offroad Driving

A Land Rover Defender for every lifestyle

One awesome thing about owning a Land Rover Defender in America is its pure and unquestioned versatility. From world-class luxury vehicles to the toughest off-road terrain, the Defender is prepared to go up against anything you throw at it. That is why so many want a piece of the legendary history and experience of owning a Defender 90, Defender 110, or Defender 130. Versatility combined with our customization capabilities and world class skilled technicians brings a Defender to fit any lifestyle you have. We’ve created builds that have been amazing vehicles for athletes, artists, enthusiasts, and Executives that are searching for a truly unique and amazing ride. We can build something that fits your active lifestyle perfectly.

Taking the Defender off-road

All custom-built Land Rover Defenders are well-equipped for outdoor or camping trips. One of most useful accessories our clients love on their Defenders, is having a strong and reliable WARN winch attached to the front bumper that can pull up to 12,000-lbs! You can also store additional outdoor accessories on an expedition style roof rack with ladder, so you’ll have the gear to prepare you for any of the unplanned elements mother nature throw at you! We can take Defenders to the next level contingent upon your lifestyle.

Taking a Defender to the beach

Taking a Land Rover Defender to the beachIdeal for a trip to the shoreline, our Land Rover Defenders for sale have the versatility and space to bring your entire crew to the waves from California to Florida! You could use the roof racks incorporated in a lot of our builds to strap your boards or other ocean gear. If you have a convertible soft top, you can put the surfboards in the back when it’s time to head home at the end of the day.

Using your Defender for sports

In the case of going to the gym for a workout, going to watch a football game at your cities stadium, or camping with your mates, do it in style with a custom Land Rover Defender from ECD. Arriving at practice in an incredible piece of equipment like Project Stealth will certainly turn some heads. Plus, any and all of your gear can easily fit into these beasts of the road, especially with a layout that includes storage boxes.

Family outings in a Defender

Your Defender isn’t just good for recreation and looking cool – it can be your daily driver, too! Most companies only slightly improve on the old engines originally put in. Keep in mind, these were initially meant to be driven on farms. At East Coast Defender, we give you several options, including a Chevrolet LC9, or powerful Corvette LS3 engine! Enjoy the added ability to merge, pass, and cruise down the highway at 80-mph with the peace of mind that your drivetrain is backed by a 2-year/50,000 mile warranty from GM.

Owning a truly unique Land Rover Defender

Custom Land Rover DefenderAnyone can go out and buy a G-Wagen, Lamborghini, Porsche or BMW, but your personalization options are very limited. There’s something truly unique about an iconic vehicle that’s been shipped from overseas that has a story and history all to itself. When you order a Land Rover Defender from ECD – it is built to your exact specifications, making it truly the vehicle of your dreams. We build our Land Rover Defenders in the US for you with your hobbies and lifestyle in mind. The luxury can be first-class, and the accessories we can add will be revolutionary.

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