4 Reasons Clients Choose Us Over the Competition

East Coast Defender is a brand driven toward perfection. We strive for it in every build, every concept, and every day when we walk the grounds of our sprawling Central Florida facility. We didn’t get into the business of making incredible and unique Land Rover Defender customizations to be average; we strive to be the best. The Land Rover Defenders we customize are made with a luxurious and premium edge. Few can even accomplish the technical feats the experts at ECD come up with, and few try.

But beyond more vague concepts, what exactly puts East Coast Defender on a higher level than our competitors in vehicle modification? In between installing a few engines and sketching a few new designs, we thought up five reasons that separate us distinctly from the pack.

  1. Quality: All glitz and no substance? Not at the Rover Dome. Quality in materials, people, and even the very clients we work with is our main ethos. We simply do not accept “good enough.” We put hours and hours into debating what can elevate our builds even further, and we like to think it shows. A key decision we made was bringing all aspects of our builds in house.
  2. Innovative Customizations: While there may be some builders who can mimic our concepts to some degree, there are none that can imagine them. Our customizations take Land Rover Defenders to their very limits, and we approach each job as an opportunity to push that limit.
  3. Fly & Drive: This is a tremendously popular program that gets our potential clients as close to the build process as they wish before ever even placing an order. Fly down to our Florida headquarters (fully on us!), and see for yourself what we are capable of. This is just one way our customer service continues to impress. Add to this a custom client portal and constant communication, and you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-lifetime vehicle creation experience.
  4. Reputation: When aficionados and car enthusiasts ask who customized your Land Rover Defender, you’ll notice the East Coast Defender name alone carries a certain prestige: with good reason.

We look forward to continuing to prove that we are at the forefront of Land Rover Defender customization. As time passes, the gap between our competitors and us continues to grow. Follow our journey by keeping up to date through our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Building a Defender That Sounds as Good as It Looks

Land Rover Defenders are unmistakable in design. When the innovators at East Coast Defender get their hands on one, we can take this design to another level of creativity and splendor. People in your community will immediately recognize your luxury truck, and they may just wonder what other Land Rover Defenders are for sale so they can join the ranks of the select few. The trucks that roll out of the Rover Dome never fail to have flair, panache, and power.

Those limitations are no longer. We look to build Defenders with next-level sound, both coming out of the engine and reverberating from the epic interiors we create. Even in trucks that can be decades old at their base, our stereo and sound capabilities are fairly limitless due to our technical prowess.

The ECD Precedent
In all of our builds, we install JL Audio speakers throughout the vehicle that are a clear upgrade over what was installed in the factory years and years ago. These can be placed with an extreme level of detail based on client needs.

Next-Generation Sound Systems
Our top-of-the-line sound packages are innovative and one of a kind. We place touchscreen technology at the fingertips of the driver, giving them the ability to control a number of functions:

  • Wi-Fi enabled throughout the vehicle.
  • An array of premium JL Audio/Morel surround-sound speakers.
  • Navigation, Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay all routed through one centralized system.
  • Wireless phone charging.

The importance of sound does not end with interior music and navigation, however. Our Land Rover Defenders come with serious horsepower: we can install the Chevrolet LS3 or LC9 engine variations in any Defender and they sound downright mean running through our custom stainless steel Borla exhaust systems.

At East Coast Defender, our heart is in ground-up customizations that take Land Rover Defenders that were for sale and transform them into something completely new.
For a Defender at the level of quality that ours achieve, no detail is too small: not even the sound.

Celebrities & Land Rovers: A History

Land Rover Defenders are often the utility truck chosen by celebrities and royalty because of the combination of immense luxury and quality that they consistently provide. But they are also vehicles capable of being truly unique, and matching up to the unconventional personality of an adventurous owner. Add all of these reasons up, and it emphasizes why the list of all-star names associated with the truck over the decades is very long. One name on that list stands out: the cornerstone of The Beatles, Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul, in fact, wrote a song, “Helen Wheels” in tribute to his vaunted Land Rover, an earlier version that would later inspire the Defender. The song was actually a 1973 single released just before the album Band on the Run, which was a notable Wings effort that followed the breakup of the Beatles. McCartney used the Land Rover to shuttle around his young family, and is quoted as saying this of the song and car:

“Helen Wheels is our Land Rover. It’s a name we gave to our Land Rover, which is a trusted vehicle that gets us around Scotland. It takes us up to the Shetland Islands and down to London.”

If you listen to the lyrics of the song (M6 South down Liverpool/Where they play the West coast sound), they trace a route that McCartney used to take in the truck. It’s a neat piece of music and Land Rover history mixed.

McCartney wasn’t the only celebrity linked to the epic nature of a Defender predecessor; he’s only one of many. Winston Churchill had a specially designed Series 1 with a large seat to fit his bulldog frame, and that exclusive car sold at auction for almost $165,000 in 2012. Steve McQueen also had a notable Land Rover Series IIA that he drove in the 1960s; it’s said to have been regularly sighted cruising the Sierra Madre Mountains.

And of course, even fictional celebrities have driven Defenders; the trucks have appeared in various forms over the course of the James Bond franchise, with the man himself often behind the wheel (Sean Connery, in real life, also is said to own a fleet on his estate).

The names of Land Rover Defender owners range on from Bob Marley (who had a Series truck) to Calvin Klein (who had a very distinctive 1993 NAS series), but what binds them all is the exclusivity of the truck as well as the ability to customize it to an amazing degree. And at East Coast Defender, we continue this tradition. We build cutting-edge Defenders that will, perhaps, inspire the next great song.

Which ECD Project Fits Your Personality

Choosing the specific items included in your custom Land Rover Defender is a very personal project. The design pioneers at East Coast Defender can build the truck of your dreams: a blend of your imagination and distinct personality.

Choosing may not be as hard as it seems. With a huge variety of features, accessories, and even engine types available, picking the right aspects of your Defender makes it that much more of a fit for you. Plus, our Lead Vehicle Designer will walk you through the entire process either in your home or in our Design Studio. After all is said and done, and you’re out on the open road, the experience is like no other.

So what can you do to clarify which direction you wish to go on an East Coast Defender build? Answering these questions may shed some light on which of the three builds would be more suited towards you and what direction your custom build should head towards.

When the waiter returns to ask what you want for dessert, do you:

What would be the ideal road trip this weekend?

What’s the one accessory you must have on a Defender?

Are you more fascinated by adventure or functionality?

What type of tires would you put on your Defender?

What are you more likely to do if you drive past a mountain you’ve never seen before?

All these options can be hard to process, but the gurus at East Coast Defender are there every step of the way. We want to ensure the premium build that rolls out of our Florida facility is both world class and perfectly suited to your taste. And we spare no detail in our effort to get it exactly right. If you are looking for a Land Rover Defender built in the quest for quality, innovation, and perfection, look no further. To see our latest and greatest builds, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

American & English Heritage Collide: The Land Rover Defender NAS Series

Land Rovers are British products through and through, synonymous with excellence and the Crown itself. But when the company decided to bring one of its most iconic products, the Land Rover Defender, to the shores of the United States, it faced some unique challenges. These challenges led to the truck itself becoming overhauled to the point that it became a series of its own, and so the legendary Land Rover Defender NAS (North American Specification) was born.

When Land Rover sought to bring the Defender to the United States, many of the issues dealt with safety specifications. Not that the truck was unsafe, but simply that each country has such differing regulations that an extreme overhaul was required. The Land Rover overhaul began in 1993 with production of the first Defender NAS series, and ended in 1997 due to the company’s unwillingness to continue retrofitting each model year to keep up with changing laws.

The NAS Defenders on their own were exceptionally popular; the initial batch of 525 sold quickly, and continue to be some of the rarest, most sought-after versions of the truck in the world. This first line ran with a 3.9-liter, V8 engine and was a hit amongst luxury utility vehicle enthusiasts (and still is).

Every model year exclusively ran with manual transmissions until the final 1997 production, which finally brought automatic capabilities to the truck. Due to a change in USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) regulations, in 1997, Land Rover ended the infamous production run, and the Defender NAS Series fell into the hands of enthusiasts and truck modifiers.

To own a rare Land Rover Defender NAS is to own a piece of automotive history; and to make these over 20-year -old trucks into modern luxury machines is a work of art.

At East Coast Defender, we have been working with all models of Land Rover Defenders for decades, the NAS series being one of our favorites in particular. With ultra-unique specifications, and an origin story suited for a superhero, these trucks are some of the most fun to modify. NAS Defenders were built with great innovation, and it’s a tradition we take very seriously. To learn more about the ways we are protecting the history of the Defender NAS, as well as other Defenders in general, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Timeline of the Land Rover and British Royalty

If there is one thing you can say about a Land Rover Defender, it’s that they have a pedigree. They are rugged luxury trucks that have evolved over the years, have seen some of the biggest events of modern history and, in some cases, have even been a part of them. They have also transported celebrities of all levels including Sean Connery, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, John Mayer … and the list goes on and on.

Beyond celebrity is royalty, and in the United Kingdom, generations of the Crown have trusted the sturdy chassis of the Land Rover for most official business. Amongst the vehicle’s biggest fans is Queen Elizabeth, but the history of Land Rover and English royalty doesn’t start there.

King George VI, the Queen’s father, was gifted with the ceremonial 100th Land Rover ever built all the way back in 1948. The Queen herself received her first Land Rover in 1952 and memorably rode out of the top of one in 1951 during a royal celebration at Hyde Park. Since these events, well over half a century ago, the Royal Family has relied on Land Rover and shortly thereafter, Land Rover Defenders.

The Queen is a bit of a car buff, believe it or not. And her collection of vehicles is timeless itself:

  • A 1900 Daimler Phaeton, one of the very first royal cars (or cars in general)
  • 2001 Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB, although the Queen only owned this car for three years, it was loaded with clever gadgets like cigarette lighters that are actually secret switches that could activate various signals
  • The first ever Bentley Bentayga (a vehicle capable of going upwards of 187 mph)
  • A 2015 Range Rover LWB Landaulet

But her heart seems to be with Land Rover Defenders, which she not only owns but often drives even to this very day. Over the course of a few decades, The Queen has had, by most records, about 30 royal Land Rovers in her collection, a number of which have been Defenders. One of the more infamous, a 2002 Land Rover Defender made custom for her, featured high-level accessories intended to make the truck easier to drive and was equipped with a 4.2-liter V-8 engine. This was considered on the higher end of the power spectrum for a Defender at the time. Here is a quick history of Defenders and the Royal Family:

  • 1948: First Land Rover delivered to Royal Family
  • 1952: Queen gets her first Land Rover
  • 1978: First custom Land Rover built for the Queen
  • 2002: A Custom Land Rover Defender was created for the Queen

Quality, luxury, and sophistication are the calling cards of these epic trucks. At East Coast Defender, we look to continue that tradition. Our cutting-edge techniques and innovations take the Land Rover Defender to another level. From the beaches of our Florida headquarters, to the regal gates of Buckingham Palace, the Defender is an international icon. For more information about the history of the Defender, follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10 Signs You Own a Land Rover Defender

A lot of celebrities own Land Rover Defenders both for their unique design and the level of lavishness they bring to the driving experience. Sean Connery, Ralph Lauren, and the founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, are all noted to have, or have had, the iconic truck. Those of us without a famous name also own Defenders, but there does seem to be something that binds and defines the owners of these vehicles. Something in the luxury, in the aesthetic and attention to detail, that attracts some of us to the cult of the Defender.

We put a list together of the common signs that you, or someone you know, may very well be or should be the owner of an East Coast Defender.

  1. Trips to the grocery store are smooth, but involve extra time for parking lot explanations of the fine piece of automotive design you arrived in.
  2. You look down on people who drive lesser all-terrain vehicles. Literally. From atop your hand-stitched leather seat.
  3. You treat rainy days like challenges and take them on with glee.
  4. Everything becomes a parking lot or a road in your mind: beaches, meadows, front lawns.
  5. You dream of winches.
  6. Driving your children’s team to the soccer game becomes more than just a drive; it’s an experience for them.
  7. You know what town the Defender was built in, and maybe the name of that town’s best pub.
  8. Saturday nights are often spent discussing the finer points of the LS3 Corvette engine compared to the LC9.
  9. Having a vehicle that represents your unique personality and interests to a T is of the utmost importance to you.
  10. You know that your daily drive should be just as much of a spectacular experience as the rest of your life. That’s why you chose or will choose East Coast Defender.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? At East Coast Defender, our entire Rover Dome is full of men and women with chronic Defender disorder. Feel free to take advantage of our open door policy to see the finest Defenders being created in the United States. Contact us today to build your very own Defender, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Defender Assists Communities Across the World

Land Rover seeks to promote excellence both on and off the road. And lately, they have been doing just that via a partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. From 2013 through 2018, Land Rover will be giving £15 million pounds (a little over 19 million U.S. dollars) worth of support to susceptible and difficult-to-reach communities. The acclaimed “Reaching Vulnerable People Around the World” program has included a long list of countries and has expanded its reach from inception. From South Sudan to a European city-state such as Portugal, the service helps with humanitarian aid that can take many forms. At the center of it all is the Land Rover Defender.

One of the reasons the Red Cross partnered with Land Rover is the very practical and reliant capabilities of the Defender. Entering communities hit hard by natural disasters or with poor infrastructure is a job not every vehicle can take on, but a Defender is built for these challenges.

The Jaguar/Land Rover Global Brand Experience Director, Mark Cameron, put the concept bluntly: “With the use of Land Rover vehicles, we are also able to help the IFRC go into remote territories that would otherwise be hard to reach. This is often where the most vulnerable people are and, therefore, need support.”

Here are some of the raw numbers the program, as well as details on Land Rover’s unique partnership, as they have aided people worldwide:

  • Land Rover plans to reach at least 12 million people with aid by 2020.
  • Between 2007 and 2013, a similar program brought £6.4 million worth of tangible support and reached more than 800,000 people.
  • In 2012, Land Rover raised an additional £1 million to commemorate the building of the one-millionth Discovery truck line. This was capped by a 10,000-mile journey that took the truck from Birmingham to Beijing.
  • By 2015, some 45,000 people were delivered safe water and sanitation by Defenders in the country of Uganda.

It’s critical and lasting work, all made possible by the faith the Red Cross has in the ability of the Land Rover Defender. The foundation has actually had longstanding partnerships with Land Rover that date back to the 1950s. Although Defenders age, their hard work will go on, as this vital program continues through the years. To learn more about Land Rover Defender history and innovation, follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Land Rover Celebrates 70 Years

70 years is a long time. As Land Rover reaches this lofty birthday, it’s worthwhile to look back on their legacy of one of the most capable and unique trucks they have produced: the Land Rover Defender. In many ways, that legacy creates a lot of what we love about Defenders. Most car companies don’t produce vehicles that can last this test of time. At East Coast Defender, we take great pride in fostering this heritage while we add cutting-edge capabilities to the Defender.

The story of Land Rover began in the shadows of World War II. In 1947, a man named Maurice Wilks had a vision for what he believed could be the ultimate all-terrain truck, and he cobbled together this vehicle using mainly post-war material left unused by the British government. The material included aluminum out of necessity at the time when it was rarely used in car construction. This was a tough time for England; after the ravishes of a World War, it needed a truck that could do it all and do it efficiently. Using an ingenious aluminum-based design, Land Rover creators accomplished that goal.

The truck, the Series 1, that was supposed to be simply a band-aid for a wounded British countryside is still with us some 70 years later. The Series 1 was the original inspiration for the Defender. Its early life was almost entirely practical: used in farm work, heavily relied upon by the military, and a family wagon that could be counted on. These are jobs it did admirably and with precision.

In the 1950s, the Series 1 became more luxurious. In quick order, Winston Churchill was presented a custom version for his 80th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II became a fan (and still is), and the sturdy truck from the bucolic hills of England was suddenly seen on the big screen in movies like 1953’s Mogambo, starring Clark Gable. A Land Rover is now a staple of luxury, driven by James Bond and owned by the James Bond, Sean Connery.

The birth of the Land Rover Defender series took place gradually, with the many versions of the Land Rover truck slowly evolving into the iconic luxury sport utility vehicle of the fleet. In 1983, the Land Rover 90 and 110 were produced. The Defender namesake was bestowed upon the vehicle in 1990. The Defender combined the best of what a Land Rover could be into an amazing package: tough but well-appointed simultaneously.

Above all, the Defender has and always will be distinct. The final Defender produced rolled out of the assembly bay in Solihull, England, on January 29th, 2016, marking the end of an incredible run from a legendary truck. But although Land Rover Defenders are no longer made new daily, the icon lives on with fans and drivers alike. Over the coming years, the evolution of what a Defender is, and can be, will continue. It’s a future for a truck that will never forget its past. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the ways we are taking this vehicle into the future.