Land Rover Defender 90

Founder - Sales & Marketing

Project Rouge has an LS3, plenty of power. Definitely 18″ black wheels, maybe in a Firenze red body with black accessories, something unusual, but with a plush interior. If I was riding Rouge on the autobahn, I probably wouldn’t go over 70mph, even if I had no limits, safety first! On the road I would be heading up Highway 1 out West, maybe throwing in a few off road stints too. I’m amazed with the growth ECD has experienced over the last few years, but then again with the quality of our vehicles and our premium buying experience, I suppose I always knew it would happen. Everything we do puts the customer and the vehicle at center of our business, our fantastic team simply makes it happen.

“Good isn’t good enough… :)”

Elliot Humble

Founder - Projects Manager

It would be the fastest Defender on Earth, that’s the aim of the project, it would be the fastest whilst also being a daily driver, and it needs space for Rover to sit in there. It would look like the original 110’s that came off the line in 1983, but a beast underneath. Paint…dark metallic blue with black accessories. I’d constantly be off roading in this machine.

ECD in the USA started out with myself and Tom in a tiny workshop, we are now at over 11,000sqf and 15 full time employees. The transformation is incredible, but somehow we now have 16 guys and girls as passionate about these trucks as we are, the journey has been incredible.


“It’s all about the grind”

Scott Wallace East Coast Defender

Founder - Finance & Strategy

Project Ironman is an aggressive matte black that invokes a ‘dare to die’ attitude. If Project Ironman pulled up in front of me, I’d be going to Cedar Point with my kids, because it’s memories forever, stuff you never forget. I chose Defenders because it’s a real challenge to take something iconic, and evolve it, yet protect it. It’s such a risk protecting the history and trying to evolve it at the same time. That’s who we are. We will never lose the history of the defender culture, even as we evolve.

“The hard way is always the right way, but it’s never the easy way”