The Fly & Drive Experience

Intrigued about Land Rover Defender life but want to find out more? Call or email to reach our concierge line & we will arrange flights, a test drive & a full tour of our facility — all at our cost & arranged by our concierge department.

Land Rover Defender in the US



 “Having lived in Africa, my wife and I developed a love with the classic Land Rover.  So when it was time to find and build the right d90, east coast defender was the obvious choice.  With its leadership/management being British, an intimate and long understanding of Land Rover is very prevalent – which then drives the expertise and passion of the company’s business.  Coupled with a solid build team of American know-how, we have been able to combine the classic look and feel of the d90 with all the modern comforts and improvements that will make it perfect for both the streets and mountains of Montana.  Little Sky will be right at home in the Big Sky state.”

Land Rover Defender 110 for sale



“It was a great trip to Florida and I couldn’t be more excited. We started this process almost exactly a year ago, and it was thrilling to finally see Batman in person!

I’ve always loved Land Rover Defenders, but I never really explored the possibility of actually OWNING one until about 2 years ago. In our search, my husband and I came across a few shady characters, most of whom we quickly figured out were promising more than they could deliver. We were skeptical, at first, with working with East Coast Defender, being that they are based on the entirely other end of the country from us.  But Tom and Elliot were so friendly and open right from the start, our fears were quickly assuaged. They clearly were experts in their field and I trusted their opinions and recommendations completely all along the way.

When we finally saw Batman “in the flesh”, it was more than I could have hoped for.  Batman is simply incredible, and I almost can’t believe that I will really be driving it in just a couple of weeks! We saw a handful of other rebuilt Rovers in person before we saw ECD’s work, and the quality and craftsmanship cannot even compare to ECD’s finish work. It is clear that Tom and Elliot are passionate about what they do, and they really care about how each car turns out.

I cannot express enough how happy and excited I am to be the proud new owner of Batman soon. I would highly recommend East Coast Defender to anyone and I think their work is superb.  I know they will continue to flourish as a business.”