East Coast Defender has a wide range of financing options available to best suit our clients’ needs and put them behind the wheel of their dream Land Rover Defender. Interested learning more on how to finance your East Coast Defender journey? Contact us today!

Pay As We Go

Pay As We Go gives you the option to make two or four payments as we work through your build process providing you with worry free peace of mind in a completely transparent experience from start to finish.

Fly & Drive

If you’re interested in purchasing a Defender, the Fly & Drive program is the most exclusive and immersive dive into the East Coast Defender experience. When considering starting the process of purchasing a custom Land Rover Defender, we offer a multi-layer trip to our facilities for pre-qualified clients to find out everything you need to know about our trucks. All of the arrangements, services, and costs in the Fly & Drive program are taken care of by us. If you can’t visit the Rover Dome, we’re more than happy go through the build process in person in the comfort of your own home.

Email Us to Fly & Drive


Our concierge desk will set you up with a flight down to our Florida headquarters at your convenience. And again, the flight is on us.


While in sunny Florida, take a tour through our modern and jaw-dropping 21,000 square foot facilities. Meet the team of 33 full-time, ASE Certified employees who will put thousands of hours into your build. We can show you everything that goes into the design and builds of these luxury trucks.

Test Drive

Take a turn test driving some of finest and must cutting-edge trucks in the world. This process will help you decide with a little more clarity what direction you want your build to go. As you might know by now, the options in set-ups, accessories, engines, and even chassis types are very wide ranging.

GM Warranty

Our builds that utilize brand new Chevrolet crate engines not only offer incredible performance, they also come backed by a 2-year/50,000 mile warranty that is covered across the United States at all Chevrolet dealers.

Each engine option offers its own individual warranty. Above mentioned warranty reflects that of the Chevrolet crate engines. Contact us for more details on additional warranty information.

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