Defender 130 for Sale

Land Rover introduced a third wheelbase option rounding out its lineup with a 127-inch utility chassis that was specifically designed for use by utility and electrical companies as well as military applications. The thought was that a work crew and their equipment could be carried in one vehicle to a remote destination at the same time. Capable of carrying up to 1.4 tons, the 130 commands respect and is a workhorse in every sense of the word. The 130 is a four-door Defender with a double bed setup and is capable of carrying up to five occupants.

Our builds are full ground-up rebuilds. There is no part of the vehicle that gets left as it was before. We build vehicles that have survived decades and give them a new life; we’ve made this historic vehicle a daily driver. Your Defender will be built to your exact specification by our passionate team here in Orlando and with the help of our Lead Vehicle Designer. The options on the below configuration will help you create the exact vehicle you want, whether it will be used as your family daily driver or something for the adventurer in you.

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