Exterior ColorWheelsTiresSeat Layout Summary
      Exterior Color
      Fuji White
      Oarkney Grey
      Corris Grey
      Firenze Red
      Montalcino Red
      Loire Blue
      Arles Blue
      Olive Green
      Aintree Green
      Santorini Black
      Yulong White
      Marina Black
      Barolo Black
      Deep Gold
      Steel Boost
      Boost Alloy Black
      Sawtooth Black Alloy
      Kahn Special Edition Black
      BF Goodrich
      Seat Layout
      Layout One
      Layout Two
      Layout Three
      Layout Four
      Layout Five
      Layout Six
      Layout Seven

      The ECD Heritage edition traces its deep roots back to the original Land Rover Defender, smoothing off the edge of old-school but maintaining its rugged styling, staying true to the battle-tested heritage of the Defender. With enhancements that provide reliability in a time-honored design, the Heritage incorporates everything classic and original about the Land Rover Defender.