4 Reasons Clients Choose Us Over the Competition

East Coast Defender is a brand driven toward perfection. We strive for it in every build, every concept, and every day when we walk the grounds of our sprawling Central Florida facility. We didn’t get into the business of making incredible and unique Land Rover Defender customizations to be average; we strive to be the best. The Land Rover Defenders we customize are made with a luxurious and premium edge. Few can even accomplish the technical feats the experts at ECD come up with, and few try.

But beyond more vague concepts, what exactly puts East Coast Defender on a higher level than our competitors in vehicle modification? In between installing a few engines and sketching a few new designs, we thought up five reasons that separate us distinctly from the pack.

  1. Quality: All glitz and no substance? Not at the Rover Dome. Quality in materials, people, and even the very clients we work with is our main ethos. We simply do not accept “good enough.” We put hours and hours into debating what can elevate our builds even further, and we like to think it shows. A key decision we made was bringing all aspects of our builds in house.
  2. Innovative Customizations: While there may be some builders who can mimic our concepts to some degree, there are none that can imagine them. Our customizations take Land Rover Defenders to their very limits, and we approach each job as an opportunity to push that limit.
  3. Fly & Drive: This is a tremendously popular program that gets our potential clients as close to the build process as they wish before ever even placing an order. Fly down to our Florida headquarters (fully on us!), and see for yourself what we are capable of. This is just one way our customer service continues to impress. Add to this a custom client portal and constant communication, and you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-lifetime vehicle creation experience.
  4. Reputation: When aficionados and car enthusiasts ask who customized your Land Rover Defender, you’ll notice the East Coast Defender name alone carries a certain prestige: with good reason.

We look forward to continuing to prove that we are at the forefront of Land Rover Defender customization. As time passes, the gap between our competitors and us continues to grow. Follow our journey by keeping up to date through our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

ECD Innovations Coming During the Second Half of 2017

n the East Coast Defender Rover Dome, we look forward to nothing more than a great challenge. Working on iconic Land Rover Defenders every day offers that opportunity, but to truly push ourselves, we look to create and innovate. Every new build is an opportunity to do something exceptional and exclusive to the design of these new-aged Defenders. Our Land Rover Defenders for sale are some of the most technically sophisticated on the market, but we always see room for improvement.

Our continuing 2017 fleet promises just that. Every build has presented us with ideas for how we can continue to push our way towards perfection, and the rest of the year we will be incorporating many of those concepts. Early builds like the otherworldly Project Viper hint at some of the innovative directions we are going, but there is more to come.

  • This year, we’ve hired a vehicle designer with the sole focus of taking our Defenders up another notch. We’ve found that a fresh set of eyes on our concepts has opened the door for some ground-breaking looks.
  • Our leather interiors are all crafted on-site and by hand, giving us a range of flexibility in terms of what we can do. For the rest of the year we’ll continue to expand our offerings with new materials, textures, and color palettes.
  • Another big jump we are looking to take is an upgrade in drivability:
  • Having mastered the ability to make Land Rover Defenders run from 0-60 in under seven seconds, we’ve turned our attention to how much better they can perform in common around-the-town situations.
  • With this in mind, East Coast Defender looks to incorporate transfer cases with optional two-wheel drive capabilities. This will help greatly improve fuel economy and allow drivers an easier path down the road.
  • Continued innovation will be our main focus for 2017. For starters, push button start and keyless entry is a feature you can choose for your new, customized Defender.

For now, that’s the only part of our hand that we’re willing to show. But there is so much more brewing in the Rover Dome and floating around in the imaginations of our world-class technicians. We’ve taken beat up Land Rover Defenders that were for sale and transformed them into technological marvels. As 2017 continues, we continue in the quest for the perfect truck.

Building a Defender That Sounds as Good as It Looks

Land Rover Defenders are unmistakable in design. When the innovators at East Coast Defender get their hands on one, we can take this design to another level of creativity and splendor. People in your community will immediately recognize your luxury truck, and they may just wonder what other Land Rover Defenders are for sale so they can join the ranks of the select few. The trucks that roll out of the Rover Dome never fail to have flair, panache, and power.

Those limitations are no longer. We look to build Defenders with next-level sound, both coming out of the engine and reverberating from the epic interiors we create. Even in trucks that can be decades old at their base, our stereo and sound capabilities are fairly limitless due to our technical prowess.

The ECD Precedent
In all of our builds, we install JL Audio speakers throughout the vehicle that are a clear upgrade over what was installed in the factory years and years ago. These can be placed with an extreme level of detail based on client needs.

Next-Generation Sound Systems
Our top-of-the-line sound packages are innovative and one of a kind. We place touchscreen technology at the fingertips of the driver, giving them the ability to control a number of functions:

  • Wi-Fi enabled throughout the vehicle.
  • An array of premium JL Audio/Morel surround-sound speakers.
  • Navigation, Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay all routed through one centralized system.
  • Wireless phone charging.

The importance of sound does not end with interior music and navigation, however. Our Land Rover Defenders come with serious horsepower: we can install the Chevrolet LS3 or LC9 engine variations in any Defender and they sound downright mean running through our custom stainless steel Borla exhaust systems.

At East Coast Defender, our heart is in ground-up customizations that take Land Rover Defenders that were for sale and transform them into something completely new.
For a Defender at the level of quality that ours achieve, no detail is too small: not even the sound.

Witnessing a Transformation: Before and After

It is sometimes thought by the general public that all custom vehicles are created equal. Engines are tweaked, tires changed, and maybe the occasional new sound system installation; innovation seemingly is rare and not particularly sought after. At the sensational and vast East Coast Defender Rover Dome, nothing could be further from the truth. We work at the bleeding edge, pushing the limits of luxury and quality in Land Rover Defenders, some of the most iconic trucks on the planet. You could call our staff technicians, but our next level craftsmanship makes us stand apart from the field.

In order to truly understand what we do here at East Coast Defender, it’s vital to understand just how far out our transformations take Defenders. These are nowhere close to mere touch-ups; this is a rebuilt and fully-loaded truck, one that has the history of its predecessor under the skin and in the chassis, but with the bold power and grace of truck evolution at its core.

Look no further than three of our recent and revolutionary builds to grasp what the East Coast Defender facility is capable of:

Honey Badger: She rolled in as a fairly common D90 Defender and left as an exceptionally fun truck to drive or just gaze at. We dropped a powerful 430-HP LS3 V-8 and six-speed manual transmission into the Honey Badger, and outfitted it with every modern accessory we could think of: JBL surround speakers, interior LED lighting, ivory leather Corbeau seats, and a distinctive Quark steering wheel by MOMO. One of our newest builds, Honey Badger, has set an exceptionally high bar for decades to come.

Blackout: Rusty and faded, the Defender that became Blackout had a solid chassis, but an unexceptional exterior. We changed that in a hurry. This transformed, all-black Defender is now unmistakable. Upgrades that included Wi-Fi, cruise control, and ambient lighting features put this truck above the rest. Blackout’s LC9 with cylinder deactivation for optimum fuel efficiency when driving on the highway proves it’s an ultimate gem from our collection.

The Outdoorsmen: Few builds have had the amount of innovative customizations as the Outdoorsman. This new build included a fold-out fish cleaning station, rod holders, and an EBC performance braking system. Although it certainly didn’t arrive at the Rover Dome with much to hang its hat on, this project remains the very definition of transformation.

The question to ask becomes obvious: how can we transform that aging Land Rover Defender? What modifications would you want to add? What type of leather could the seats be? What would an engine originally built for a Corvette feel like under the hood? East Coast Defender has the answer to these questions, and we are always looking for the ones that have yet to be asked.

7 Unique Corbeau Seat Installations

Land Rover Defenders are considered epic vehicles for a lot of reasons, one of the most talked about being versatility. This can take a lot of forms that range from engine upgrades to the type of roof rack you choose for your truck. But for the everyday Defender driver, one of the biggest bonuses in the design flexibility is the seating arrangements. No other place can put you into a wider array of functional and luxurious setups than at East Coast Defender.

Beyond the on-site creation of some of the finest, hand-stitched upholstery you’ll ever see in a Land Rover Defender, our technicians can also arrange your seats in a purely innovative way. This can pay off for everyone, from the single athlete who needs space and no seats, to the large family who needs as much seating as possible for an upcoming road-trip. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

These are not generic car seats either: world-class Corbeau seats for the front, and leather covered jump seats for your family in the back. We have seven common seating layouts that are typically choosen from for the Defender 110 specifically, but other options are always on the table. Here are the pioneering designs you may look to choose from:

Layout One:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and four inward facing jump style back seats in the cargo area.

Layout Two:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and two forward facing back seats in the cargo area.

Layout Three:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and two jump style back seats, with a utility box.

Layout Four:

Two forward facing front seats, two middle seats, and no back seats (pure cargo).

Layout Five:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, plus two inward facing rear benches (capable of seating four total).

Layout Six:

Two forward facing front seats and two sets of side by side inward facing rear benches (a perfect option for the night on the town).

Layout Seven:

Two forward facing front seats, two middle, and four rear seats positioned as inward facing jump seats (the family wagon).

When choosing from the above, it will mostly depend on what you’ll need out of your Land Rover Defender. In addition to that, some of our layouts depend on the type of truck you are looking to retrofit (a D90 will have different design capabilities from a D110, of course). But we are exceptionally adaptive and innovative in our Florida facility, and you never quite know what we can do to an aging Defender until you’ve spoken with the best in the business. Check out our configurator to see seat layout options as well as an array of other customization features.

The Tech You’ve Come to Expect

The Land Rover Defender has evolved over the decades, but was essentially born in 1948 in the Series 1. A sturdy and solid utility vehicle, it did everything asked of it in the farmlands of the English countryside while in the shadow of World War II. The truck’s reputation was forged there, but it certainly wasn’t one of glamour and luxury; Defenders were workhorse vehicles, every inch used for pure functionality.

Approximately 70 years later, the functional design has remained the same, but now technology has come to join it. Many Defenders, even as recently as the 1980s and 90s, did not have elemental modern day touches like power windows and air-conditioning. In 1993, Land Rover introduced the Defender NAS series, which due to regulation, expanded some accessories. But the real boom in high-fidelity came in the secondary market, as Land Rover stopped North American production of the Defenders in 1997.

We look to push Defenders even further still. Modern trucks need modern tech, and we have a world-class team ready to assemble it all on a fully reborn and rebuilt Defender chassis. These are just some of the many technical innovations we are placing into Land Rover Defenders in 2017:

  • Screens: Our custom-installed Sony infotainment systems give drivers access to an array of functions with the ease of touch screen giving you the ability to control everything from a single touch.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi: Installed throughout the vehicle, in car Wi-Fi will follow our Defenders everywhere. Modern GPS is crucial and standard.
  • Cameras: World-class cameras provide a clear view behind and infront of your Defender ensuring safe driving.
  • LED Lighting: Innovative LED lighting, in both the interior and exterior, was certainly not around in the middle of the 20th century, but it is now. We’ve got systems that can make the road ahead and the interior glow.
  • Wireless Charging Systems and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: With devices on hand at all times, you need the capability to keep them powered. Defenders with an assortment of ports and wireless charging pads are a contemporary must-have for safety and convenience.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Never have to check your tire pressure again with a reliable TPMS display that shows your tire pressure at each wheel in real time.
  • Cruise Control: Our vehicles are built to make the perfect daily driver. Offering cruise control on our Defenders only adds to the everyday usability of our Defenders and makes them the perfect vehicle for cross country road trips.
  • Automatic Headlights: Our headlights are set up to automatically come on during the critical times you need them allowing you to stay focused and distraction-free while traveling.
  • Keyless Entry and Push Button Start: Our latest offering allows you to approach your Defender and have it recognize your coded key fob while it remains in your pocket, then starting your Defender with a press of a button.

Land Rover Defenders are renowned for their off-road capability and relentless ability to run; mixing that with cutting edge technology, makes for an epic 21st-century truck. East Coast Defender is here to deliver this historic vehicle into modern times and to drop jaws while we are at it. Quality, function, and history are never forgotten: they are epically taken to the next level. To build your own technology-filled Defender, contact us today.

The Wide Body Kit Debate

Land Rover Defenders are elite off-road machines for a wide variety of reasons. From the grueling roads of the legendary Camel Trophy race to something as common as severe weather in your neighborhood, having a Defender under your feet is a huge boost. A lot of that capability in Defenders comes from the very design of the chassis itself.

Wide-body Defenders take this legendary utility ability and simply enhance it visually. Although Defenders of the past have relied for so long on their original factory specifications, in 2017, we can elevate the iconic truck with wide body kits that allow the Defender to reach another level in aesthetic brilliance. Kahn wide-body kits can be fitted by East Coast Defender and can be seen prominently on Project Beast and Project Urban Assault.

What Role Does the Wide Body Kit Play?

Simply defined, a wide-body kit enhances the slim look of a truck; creating more room for accessories and an overall impressive façade. On a Land Rover Defender, this wide-body look redefines what can be easily recognized as the traditional truck. In our view though, this is an evolution for the best, and trucks such as Project Beast only add evidence.

The Wide Body Controversy

Although, this wide-body kit does come with some controversy. Defender traditionalists see the wide-body kits as outside the realm of what the truck should look like. And in a truck like the Defender, the classic nature of this vehicle is often what makes it beloved from admirers all over the world.

How East Coast Defender Implements Wide Body Kits

The idea of installing a Kahn wide-body kit is to take a Defender to another level of capability without completely abandoning the function and visual splendor of the original concept. Far from it: East Coast Defender accomplishes an aesthetic makeover to create something new and vibrant within the overall package of the truck itself.

Accomplishing this tough task takes a team of highly skilled Defender builders – which we happen to have in our Florida Rover Dome. Some of the East Coast Defender projects with a wide-body kit (and shown in our project gallery) include:

Adding your current Land Rover Defender to this growing list of upgraded wide-bodied trucks will put you in select company. And as word gets out about the prestige these Defender makeovers carry, we can expect the trend to continue. But at East Coast Defender, the choice between traditional and revolutionary is all yours. Our ability to create cutting-edge custom trucks knows no boundary. Contact us today to start creating a Defender only you could dream up.

Celebrities & Land Rovers: A History

Land Rover Defenders are often the utility truck chosen by celebrities and royalty because of the combination of immense luxury and quality that they consistently provide. But they are also vehicles capable of being truly unique, and matching up to the unconventional personality of an adventurous owner. Add all of these reasons up, and it emphasizes why the list of all-star names associated with the truck over the decades is very long. One name on that list stands out: the cornerstone of The Beatles, Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul, in fact, wrote a song, “Helen Wheels” in tribute to his vaunted Land Rover, an earlier version that would later inspire the Defender. The song was actually a 1973 single released just before the album Band on the Run, which was a notable Wings effort that followed the breakup of the Beatles. McCartney used the Land Rover to shuttle around his young family, and is quoted as saying this of the song and car:

“Helen Wheels is our Land Rover. It’s a name we gave to our Land Rover, which is a trusted vehicle that gets us around Scotland. It takes us up to the Shetland Islands and down to London.”

If you listen to the lyrics of the song (M6 South down Liverpool/Where they play the West coast sound), they trace a route that McCartney used to take in the truck. It’s a neat piece of music and Land Rover history mixed.

McCartney wasn’t the only celebrity linked to the epic nature of a Defender predecessor; he’s only one of many. Winston Churchill had a specially designed Series 1 with a large seat to fit his bulldog frame, and that exclusive car sold at auction for almost $165,000 in 2012. Steve McQueen also had a notable Land Rover Series IIA that he drove in the 1960s; it’s said to have been regularly sighted cruising the Sierra Madre Mountains.

And of course, even fictional celebrities have driven Defenders; the trucks have appeared in various forms over the course of the James Bond franchise, with the man himself often behind the wheel (Sean Connery, in real life, also is said to own a fleet on his estate).

The names of Land Rover Defender owners range on from Bob Marley (who had a Series truck) to Calvin Klein (who had a very distinctive 1993 NAS series), but what binds them all is the exclusivity of the truck as well as the ability to customize it to an amazing degree. And at East Coast Defender, we continue this tradition. We build cutting-edge Defenders that will, perhaps, inspire the next great song.

Which ECD Project Fits Your Personality

Choosing the specific items included in your custom Land Rover Defender is a very personal project. The design pioneers at East Coast Defender can build the truck of your dreams: a blend of your imagination and distinct personality.

Choosing may not be as hard as it seems. With a huge variety of features, accessories, and even engine types available, picking the right aspects of your Defender makes it that much more of a fit for you. Plus, our Lead Vehicle Designer will walk you through the entire process either in your home or in our Design Studio. After all is said and done, and you’re out on the open road, the experience is like no other.

So what can you do to clarify which direction you wish to go on an East Coast Defender build? Answering these questions may shed some light on which of the three builds would be more suited towards you and what direction your custom build should head towards.

When the waiter returns to ask what you want for dessert, do you:

What would be the ideal road trip this weekend?

What’s the one accessory you must have on a Defender?

Are you more fascinated by adventure or functionality?

What type of tires would you put on your Defender?

What are you more likely to do if you drive past a mountain you’ve never seen before?

All these options can be hard to process, but the gurus at East Coast Defender are there every step of the way. We want to ensure the premium build that rolls out of our Florida facility is both world class and perfectly suited to your taste. And we spare no detail in our effort to get it exactly right. If you are looking for a Land Rover Defender built in the quest for quality, innovation, and perfection, look no further. To see our latest and greatest builds, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.