Defender 110 Land Rover | Project Mission

Project Mission Land Rover Defender 110


  • Project Mission Land Rover Defender 110

East Coast Defender has hit yet another home run with its latest custom Defender build, Project Mission, a handcrafted Defender 110 featuring a wicked LS3 V8 E-rod engine with a six-speed automatic transmission.  Not just built to dominate the roads ahead, Project Mission is an attention grabber with its sporty Loire Blue Pearl exterior.  Mission’s sleek presence is paired with a mesh grille, LED spotlights, full external roll cage with a rear ladder, and a WARN Zeon 8k winch with LED daytime running lights.

Offering a super-smooth exterior and hitting top speeds of 100-mph, this Defender will dominate any road and look good doing it. This road-warrior easily reaches 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds.  Instead of the traditional Rover look, Mission’s stylish cabin features Modular Puma seats with a Super Soft  Sand Tan leather and pacific blue stitching. With tasteful and functional accessories added to the interior,  the most recognizable being wireless charging, push to start and a premium Sony infotainment system. With Vintage Series gauges and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, this Defender is not lacking any character. Mission, a seven-seater, also offers rear air conditioning which is not commonly found in Defenders. Each Defender is purpose-built to a client’s needs and specifications. Mission executes style and speed all-in-one.

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Project Mission Specs:

  • Loire Blue Pearl Defender 110
  • 6.2-liter, 430-horsepower, V8 E-rod engine
  • Six-speed automatic transmission
  • Black Momo Prototipo steering wheel
  • Rear Air Conditioning system
  • Warn Zeon 8k Winch with LED daytime running lights
  • Defender Nemesis Alloy Black Gloss
  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Tires
  • Nardi Deep Corn Wooden Steering Wheel
  • Full external roll cage with rear ladder
  • Wireless charging and passenger USB ports in the rear


Team Spotlight Upholstery Masters

Defender Upholstery Masters

Meet Our Defender Upholstery Masters

Built on quality, driven by perfection, our automotive upholstery team is one-of-a-kind just like the products they create. This amazing team works with a wide range of leathers and suedes to give you luxury seating. The upholstery team hand-stitches dashboards, headliners, consoles, and seats. Every inch is designed in-house with your color of choice and style. With every build, our team applies attention to detail whether you want original-styled Rover seats or double-diamond stitched seats. The Upholstery Masters enjoy creating the ultimate riding experience.

With over 30 plus years combined this team has an immense amount of experience in automotive upholstery. Bringing quality artisanship to all Defenders by E.C.D., the Upholstery Masters deliver custom designs to fit any lifestyle.

You design it, they can deliver it!

Defender V8 Land Rover | Project Tuki


Project Tuki is a fully-customized Defender 110 from East Coast Defender that was designed to celebrate its original heritage style.  With its notable heritage features such as Keswick Green exterior and Land Rover heritage





style grille, this classic beauty boasts the ultimate in design and luxury.

Powered by a rebuilt Rover V8 engine with 175 horsepower and a five-speed ZF automatic transmission, Tuki, is the ultimate attention- grabber with its Panda Charcoal Leather Puma seats, Nardi deep Corn Wooden steering wheel, All American Nickle series gauges and sophisticated sound system.

Seating up to nine, this super vehicle is a must have for any Hampton’s elite looking to tackle the open road or farmer’s market.

Despite all of its additional refinement and polished looks, Project Tuki by E.C.D. will not be mistaken for anything else by anybody. E.C.D. took this Defender 110 and upgraded it from the chassis to the gauges without removing its classic appeal.

Project Tuki embodies a mix of original charm with a hint of 21st-century style.

Project Tuki Specs:

  • Defender 110
  • Rebuilt RV8
  • Exterior Color – Keswick Green Darker Variant
  • White Steel Wheels with BF Goodrich tires
  • Heritage Grill
  • Full Checker Set in metal and KBX Wing top
  • Safety Devices Roof Rack with ladder and rear work light
  • Defender bumper in grey with rubber end caps
  • Panda Charcoal leather on Puma front, middle and rear seats featuring horizontal lines for a clean finish. (3 middle and 4 inward facing puma jump seats
  • Black leather on dash door cards, and center console
  • Nardi Deep Corn Wooden Steering Wheel
  • All American Nickle Series Gauges
  • Kenwood infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, GPS, and backup camera
  • Puma Dash, doors and ECD custom center console/li>


Warranty the ECD Way

Quality and perfection are what drive us at East Coast Defender.  We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your new vehicle. Each custom vehicle we build goes through a rigorous quality control process before being delivered to its owner. And yet, despite the checks & balances we’ve put in place, an issue may still arise.

Custom vehicles built by E.C.D. and powered by a new Chevrolet engine are covered by two types of warranties.  The first, and arguably the most important, is the engine and drivetrain coverage and is valid for up to 2 years or 50,000 miles; whichever comes first.   Your newly installed motor by GM was designed and built to be the best motor driving many of the most reliable vehicles on the road today.  If an issue does arise, any warranty work can be completed any one of the many GM Service Centers across the country.

The second, a one-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty by E.C.D. covers virtually everything that has been updated on the vehicle: including the audio system and electrical components*.

*Regular maintenance items such as oil changes, windshield wipers, tire wear and tear, and brake linings not included. 

Custom vehicles built by E.C.D. and powered by a Rover engine are covered by a one-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty issued by East Coast Defender. 

ECD Employee Spotlight with Glenn

Headshot photo
East Coast Defender would not be the innovative and cutting-edge automotive company without our talented team members. From our biggest accomplishments in their current role to sexiest cars ever built, get to know more about our team with these five questions from E.C.D.



  • Biggest Accomplishment in current role: Bringing quality procedures to our custom Defenders.
  • Favorite food: Curry and Chinese Food
  • What’s your hidden talent?: Down a pint in under 3 seconds
  • Favorite sport: Soccer
  • If you could create a bumper sticker, what would it say?: Blue Boy 4 Life
  • Sexiest car ever built: Jamie Yarrow Matt Silver 90

Custom Land Rover Defender 90 | Project Aloha

defender 90 for sale

In the Hawaiian language, the word “Aloha” is used as a greeting and/or a farewell; thus making it a perfect name for a vehicle loaded with horsepower and ready to go!

Project Aloha was one of the fastest Defender 90’s ever built by E.C.D.

Not like any other, this charmer is poised to go from 0 to 60 in 5.25* seconds without breaking a sweat! With 430 available horsepower underneath the hood, the everyday commute will never be the same again. This powerful engine offers an exceptional performance.

This Fuji white custom built Defender is a true beauty on the outside and just as much on the inside. Inside the cabin is the classic Land Rover Puma front and inward facing rear bench pads with its limited-edition Land Rover SVX steering wheel. Loaded with premium Infotainment system such as Apple CarPlay, Android connect Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, and keyless entry.

Its classic looks and distinct heritage style make this custom D90 the true definition of a “sleeper”; pull up next to it at any red light and get ready to go home with your tail between your legs!

This speedy Defender is great for any on or off-road excursion!

 A Look at this NAS Defender 90’s Specifications

Project Aloha Ride features an LS3 engine and many other custom options such as:

  • Six-speed manual transmission
  • Land Rover LT230 Transfer Case
    • Full Roll Cage
  • NAS Defender 90
  • Limited Edition SVX Alloy Wheels
  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tires
  • Full Supersoft Leather with White Contrast Stitching
  • Keyless Entry with Push Start and Alarm
  • Bespoke “All American Traditional” Gauge Design

Custom Land Rover Defender 90 – Project Barbour

Where does a company steeped in tradition since 1894 turn when they’re looking for an iconic, head turning, mobile marketing vehicle? East Coast Defender of course. Recently commissioned by Barbour North America to tour the eastern United States, E.C.D. set out to create a truly bespoke vehicle that honored the heritage of both Barbour and the Land Rover Defender.

Utilizing Barbour premium materials, our Head of Automotive design created an interior trimmed in saddle colored leather accented by Barbour’s famous Tartan material. Being a Heritage Edition Defender, that theme carries throughout utilizing a rebuilt Rover V-8 engine, Coniston Green paint, and black checker plate on the wingtops, doorsills, and rear quarters. Contact us today to see how the award-winning team at E.C.D. can build the perfect custom vehicle for you or your company.

This project features a Rebuilt Rover V-8 engine and many other custom options such as:
• Five-speed manual transmission
• Momo Indy Steering Wheel
• Kenwood Stereo with Infinity Speakers
• Saddle leather with Barbour Tartan inserts
• Barbour Tartan door pockets with Barbour zip closure
• Coniston Green paint
• Wolf steel wheels finished in Coniston Green
• LED lighting throughout
• Rovers North soft top with Barbour logos
• Black wingtop, doorsill and rear quarter checker plate

New Custom Land Rover 110 Build – Project KSD

Check out East Coast Defenders latest build – Project KSD! This awesome Defender 110 features:

  • 6.2-liter, 430-hp Chevrolet LS3 E-Rod V-8 engine
  • Charcoal leather heated seats with Charcoal weaved leather inserts
  • V8 Red Steelie Series Classic Instruments Gauges
  • Push Button Start with keyless entry
  • Stainless steel interior door handles and lock indicators
  • Sony Infotainment system with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, GPS, Backup Camera
  • Wireless phone charging
  • External roll cage
  • Wilwood Brakes
  • First Defender built using E.C.D.’s Design Studio





East Coast Defender’s Project Kingsman Breathes New Life Into Defender 110 Chassis

KISSIMMEE, FLA. – Aug. 24, 2017– East Coast Defender has breathed new life into another Defender 110 with its latest award-winning build, “Project Kingsman”. The luxury SUV, which was designed and built at the Rover Dome in Kissimmee, Florida, was completed earlier this month and has been rebuilt from the ground up and features a brand new, galvanized chassis.

“The original steel frames of the Defenders were true workhorses and offered the ultimate in off-road, go-anywhere, do-anything driving,” said Scott Wallace, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “Our team has been able to improve their durability using an upgraded, galvanized chassis. ‘Project Kingsman’ is built on a new chassis that has been dipped in molten protective zinc coating. This holds off corrosion and increases the life of the frame. It also keeps the nostalgia of the vehicle intact, while bringing it up to today’s highest performance standards.”

“Project Kingsman” showcases the classy and refined look of the Defender, yet has been rebuilt to be more powerful and agile than its original OEM build. It’s built on a new galvanized chassis, which will prevent the frame from rusting and increase the Defender’s longevity and durability. During the rebuild no nut or bolt was left untouched. It has also been upfitted with the latest technology and performance equipment.

“Our Defenders not only offer incomparable workmanship, but deliver on reliability as well,” said Tom Humble, East Coast Defender Co-owner. “By stripping each Defender down to its frame, we’re not only able to customize and upgrade each component as its rebuilt, but incorporate the latest technology and processes to build a stronger, more robust Defender. We not only offer luxury and performance with each build, but reliability and peace of mind for our clients, as well.”

Work on “Project Kingsman” began July 2016 and was completed on August 15, 2017. “The high level of attention to detail on each of our Defenders is simply unmatched,” said Elliot Humble, East Coast Defender Co-owner. “From the initial phases of planning the vehicle with the client, through the build and delivery, our team offers a remarkable buying and owning experience. I believe it speaks volumes about why East Coast Defender vehicles are so popular and continue to increase in value over time.”

Project Kingsman specs include:


  • Chevrolet 5.3-liter, 320-hp Chevrolet LC9 V-8 engine
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Stainless steel brake and fuel lines
  • EBC Performance brakes
  • Ron Davis radiator
  • Stainless steel Borla exhaust
  • Galvanized chassis

Interior and Convenience

  • Classic Instruments Moal Bomber gauges
  • Kenwood touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Andoid Auto
  • Navigation
  • Backup camera
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Exmoor Elite seats with black/charcoal leather interior
  • Four inward facing rear jump seats

Exterior and Styling

  • Sawtooth wheels with BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires
  • Safety Devices external roll cage

East Coast Defender was founded by three self-prescribed “British petrol heads,” brothers Tom and Elliot Humble, and Scott Wallace. Growing up in England, near the famous Lode Lane factory where the Defenders were produced, the three found themselves surrounded by Defenders throughout their childhood. East Coast Defender officially opened its facility in 2013 and has been building the world’s most celebrated, handcrafted Defenders since that time. Today, the company is based in Kissimmee, Florida, where every ECD custom Defender SUV is built by hand in the company’s 21,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, called the Rover Dome.

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About East Coast Defender

Located in Kissimmee, Florida, East Coast Defender is an award-winning builder of premium Land Rover Defenders. With over 25 years of Land Rover Defender building experience, ECD has earned a reputation for its commitment to perfection, its dedication to build quality and its ability to maintain the heritage of the Defender while modernizing it for clients. East Coast Defender has grown tremendously and has expanded the term “luxury vehicle” to “all-terrain multi-functional luxury vehicle.” East Coast Defender currently has over 30 full-time employees in its 21,000 square-foot facility. For more information, please visit or call (407) 483-4825.

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