Team Spotlight Upholstery Masters

Defender Upholstery Masters

Meet Our Defender Upholstery Masters

Built on quality, driven by perfection, our automotive upholstery team is one-of-a-kind just like the products they create. This amazing team works with a wide range of leathers and suedes to give you luxury seating. The upholstery team hand-stitches dashboards, headliners, consoles, and seats. Every inch is designed in-house with your color of choice and style. With every build, our team applies attention to detail whether you want original-styled Rover seats or double-diamond stitched seats. The Upholstery Masters enjoy creating the ultimate riding experience.

With over 30 plus years combined this team has an immense amount of experience in automotive upholstery. Bringing quality artisanship to all Defenders by E.C.D., the Upholstery Masters deliver custom designs to fit any lifestyle.

You design it, they can deliver it!

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