Warranty the ECD Way

Quality and perfection are what drive us at East Coast Defender.  We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your new vehicle. Each custom vehicle we build goes through a rigorous quality control process before being delivered to its owner. And yet, despite the checks & balances we’ve put in place, an issue may still arise.

Custom vehicles built by E.C.D. and powered by a new Chevrolet engine are covered by two types of warranties.  The first, and arguably the most important, is the engine and drivetrain coverage and is valid for up to 2 years or 50,000 miles; whichever comes first.   Your newly installed motor by GM was designed and built to be the best motor driving many of the most reliable vehicles on the road today.  If an issue does arise, any warranty work can be completed any one of the many GM Service Centers across the country.

The second, a one-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty by E.C.D. covers virtually everything that has been updated on the vehicle: including the audio system and electrical components*.

*Regular maintenance items such as oil changes, windshield wipers, tire wear and tear, and brake linings not included. 

Custom vehicles built by E.C.D. and powered by a Rover engine are covered by a one-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty issued by East Coast Defender. 

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