East Coast Defender Announces the Best Photographs of the year in a Limited Edition 2018 Wall Calendar

East Coast Defender (E.C.D.), the award-winning automotive group, unveiled its Best of 2017 E.C.D. Defender photographs today at its headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida.

The winning photos were selected from thousands of professional images taken throughout the year of the companies custom designed and built Land Rover Defenders.

Each of the top photographs captured the individuality of the vehicle while inspiring the E.C.D. team to design and build more outrageous vehicles in 2018.

“These incredible photos represent some of the best designed vehicles we have moved through the Rover Dome this year, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share them with other gearheads like myself,” states, Scott Wallace, Co-owner of E.C.D. “A custom-built Land Rover Defender from E.C.D. is much more than vehicle you drive; it’s a piece a art that you enjoy life in each and every day.”

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