4 Reasons Clients Choose Us Over the Competition

East Coast Defender is a brand driven toward perfection. We strive for it in every build, every concept, and every day when we walk the grounds of our sprawling Central Florida facility. We didn’t get into the business of making incredible and unique Land Rover Defender customizations to be average; we strive to be the best. The Land Rover Defenders we customize are made with a luxurious and premium edge. Few can even accomplish the technical feats the experts at ECD come up with, and few try.

But beyond more vague concepts, what exactly puts East Coast Defender on a higher level than our competitors in vehicle modification? In between installing a few engines and sketching a few new designs, we thought up five reasons that separate us distinctly from the pack.

  1. Quality: All glitz and no substance? Not at the Rover Dome. Quality in materials, people, and even the very clients we work with is our main ethos. We simply do not accept “good enough.” We put hours and hours into debating what can elevate our builds even further, and we like to think it shows. A key decision we made was bringing all aspects of our builds in house.
  2. Innovative Customizations: While there may be some builders who can mimic our concepts to some degree, there are none that can imagine them. Our customizations take Land Rover Defenders to their very limits, and we approach each job as an opportunity to push that limit.
  3. Fly & Drive: This is a tremendously popular program that gets our potential clients as close to the build process as they wish before ever even placing an order. Fly down to our Florida headquarters (fully on us!), and see for yourself what we are capable of. This is just one way our customer service continues to impress. Add to this a custom client portal and constant communication, and you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-lifetime vehicle creation experience.
  4. Reputation: When aficionados and car enthusiasts ask who customized your Land Rover Defender, you’ll notice the East Coast Defender name alone carries a certain prestige: with good reason.

We look forward to continuing to prove that we are at the forefront of Land Rover Defender customization. As time passes, the gap between our competitors and us continues to grow. Follow our journey by keeping up to date through our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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