ECD Innovations Coming During the Second Half of 2017

n the East Coast Defender Rover Dome, we look forward to nothing more than a great challenge. Working on iconic Land Rover Defenders every day offers that opportunity, but to truly push ourselves, we look to create and innovate. Every new build is an opportunity to do something exceptional and exclusive to the design of these new-aged Defenders. Our Land Rover Defenders for sale are some of the most technically sophisticated on the market, but we always see room for improvement.

Our continuing 2017 fleet promises just that. Every build has presented us with ideas for how we can continue to push our way towards perfection, and the rest of the year we will be incorporating many of those concepts. Early builds like the otherworldly Project Viper hint at some of the innovative directions we are going, but there is more to come.

  • This year, we’ve hired a vehicle designer with the sole focus of taking our Defenders up another notch. We’ve found that a fresh set of eyes on our concepts has opened the door for some ground-breaking looks.
  • Our leather interiors are all crafted on-site and by hand, giving us a range of flexibility in terms of what we can do. For the rest of the year we’ll continue to expand our offerings with new materials, textures, and color palettes.
  • Another big jump we are looking to take is an upgrade in drivability:
  • Having mastered the ability to make Land Rover Defenders run from 0-60 in under seven seconds, we’ve turned our attention to how much better they can perform in common around-the-town situations.
  • With this in mind, East Coast Defender looks to incorporate transfer cases with optional two-wheel drive capabilities. This will help greatly improve fuel economy and allow drivers an easier path down the road.
  • Continued innovation will be our main focus for 2017. For starters, push button start and keyless entry is a feature you can choose for your new, customized Defender.

For now, that’s the only part of our hand that we’re willing to show. But there is so much more brewing in the Rover Dome and floating around in the imaginations of our world-class technicians. We’ve taken beat up Land Rover Defenders that were for sale and transformed them into technological marvels. As 2017 continues, we continue in the quest for the perfect truck.

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