Building a Defender That Sounds as Good as It Looks

Land Rover Defenders are unmistakable in design. When the innovators at East Coast Defender get their hands on one, we can take this design to another level of creativity and splendor. People in your community will immediately recognize your luxury truck, and they may just wonder what other Land Rover Defenders are for sale so they can join the ranks of the select few. The trucks that roll out of the Rover Dome never fail to have flair, panache, and power.

Those limitations are no longer. We look to build Defenders with next-level sound, both coming out of the engine and reverberating from the epic interiors we create. Even in trucks that can be decades old at their base, our stereo and sound capabilities are fairly limitless due to our technical prowess.

The ECD Precedent
In all of our builds, we install JL Audio speakers throughout the vehicle that are a clear upgrade over what was installed in the factory years and years ago. These can be placed with an extreme level of detail based on client needs.

Next-Generation Sound Systems
Our top-of-the-line sound packages are innovative and one of a kind. We place touchscreen technology at the fingertips of the driver, giving them the ability to control a number of functions:

  • Wi-Fi enabled throughout the vehicle.
  • An array of premium JL Audio/Morel surround-sound speakers.
  • Navigation, Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay all routed through one centralized system.
  • Wireless phone charging.

The importance of sound does not end with interior music and navigation, however. Our Land Rover Defenders come with serious horsepower: we can install the Chevrolet LS3 or LC9 engine variations in any Defender and they sound downright mean running through our custom stainless steel Borla exhaust systems.

At East Coast Defender, our heart is in ground-up customizations that take Land Rover Defenders that were for sale and transform them into something completely new.
For a Defender at the level of quality that ours achieve, no detail is too small: not even the sound.

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