Witnessing a Transformation: Before and After

It is sometimes thought by the general public that all custom vehicles are created equal. Engines are tweaked, tires changed, and maybe the occasional new sound system installation; innovation seemingly is rare and not particularly sought after. At the sensational and vast East Coast Defender Rover Dome, nothing could be further from the truth. We work at the bleeding edge, pushing the limits of luxury and quality in Land Rover Defenders, some of the most iconic trucks on the planet. You could call our staff technicians, but our next level craftsmanship makes us stand apart from the field.

In order to truly understand what we do here at East Coast Defender, it’s vital to understand just how far out our transformations take Defenders. These are nowhere close to mere touch-ups; this is a rebuilt and fully-loaded truck, one that has the history of its predecessor under the skin and in the chassis, but with the bold power and grace of truck evolution at its core.

Look no further than three of our recent and revolutionary builds to grasp what the East Coast Defender facility is capable of:

Honey Badger: She rolled in as a fairly common D90 Defender and left as an exceptionally fun truck to drive or just gaze at. We dropped a powerful 430-HP LS3 V-8 and six-speed manual transmission into the Honey Badger, and outfitted it with every modern accessory we could think of: JBL surround speakers, interior LED lighting, ivory leather Corbeau seats, and a distinctive Quark steering wheel by MOMO. One of our newest builds, Honey Badger, has set an exceptionally high bar for decades to come.

Blackout: Rusty and faded, the Defender that became Blackout had a solid chassis, but an unexceptional exterior. We changed that in a hurry. This transformed, all-black Defender is now unmistakable. Upgrades that included Wi-Fi, cruise control, and ambient lighting features put this truck above the rest. Blackout’s LC9 with cylinder deactivation for optimum fuel efficiency when driving on the highway proves it’s an ultimate gem from our collection.

The Outdoorsmen: Few builds have had the amount of innovative customizations as the Outdoorsman. This new build included a fold-out fish cleaning station, rod holders, and an EBC performance braking system. Although it certainly didn’t arrive at the Rover Dome with much to hang its hat on, this project remains the very definition of transformation.

The question to ask becomes obvious: how can we transform that aging Land Rover Defender? What modifications would you want to add? What type of leather could the seats be? What would an engine originally built for a Corvette feel like under the hood? East Coast Defender has the answer to these questions, and we are always looking for the ones that have yet to be asked.

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