7 Unique Corbeau Seat Installations

Land Rover Defenders are considered epic vehicles for a lot of reasons, one of the most talked about being versatility. This can take a lot of forms that range from engine upgrades to the type of roof rack you choose for your truck. But for the everyday Defender driver, one of the biggest bonuses in the design flexibility is the seating arrangements. No other place can put you into a wider array of functional and luxurious setups than at East Coast Defender.

Beyond the on-site creation of some of the finest, hand-stitched upholstery you’ll ever see in a Land Rover Defender, our technicians can also arrange your seats in a purely innovative way. This can pay off for everyone, from the single athlete who needs space and no seats, to the large family who needs as much seating as possible for an upcoming road-trip. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

These are not generic car seats either: world-class Corbeau seats for the front, and leather covered jump seats for your family in the back. We have seven common seating layouts that are typically choosen from for the Defender 110 specifically, but other options are always on the table. Here are the pioneering designs you may look to choose from:

Layout One:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and four inward facing jump style back seats in the cargo area.

Layout Two:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and two forward facing back seats in the cargo area.

Layout Three:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, and two jump style back seats, with a utility box.

Layout Four:

Two forward facing front seats, two middle seats, and no back seats (pure cargo).

Layout Five:

Two forward facing front seats, three middle seats, plus two inward facing rear benches (capable of seating four total).

Layout Six:

Two forward facing front seats and two sets of side by side inward facing rear benches (a perfect option for the night on the town).

Layout Seven:

Two forward facing front seats, two middle, and four rear seats positioned as inward facing jump seats (the family wagon).

When choosing from the above, it will mostly depend on what you’ll need out of your Land Rover Defender. In addition to that, some of our layouts depend on the type of truck you are looking to retrofit (a D90 will have different design capabilities from a D110, of course). But we are exceptionally adaptive and innovative in our Florida facility, and you never quite know what we can do to an aging Defender until you’ve spoken with the best in the business. Check out our configurator to see seat layout options as well as an array of other customization features.

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