The Tech You’ve Come to Expect

The Land Rover Defender has evolved over the decades, but was essentially born in 1948 in the Series 1. A sturdy and solid utility vehicle, it did everything asked of it in the farmlands of the English countryside while in the shadow of World War II. The truck’s reputation was forged there, but it certainly wasn’t one of glamour and luxury; Defenders were workhorse vehicles, every inch used for pure functionality.

Approximately 70 years later, the functional design has remained the same, but now technology has come to join it. Many Defenders, even as recently as the 1980s and 90s, did not have elemental modern day touches like power windows and air-conditioning. In 1993, Land Rover introduced the Defender NAS series, which due to regulation, expanded some accessories. But the real boom in high-fidelity came in the secondary market, as Land Rover stopped North American production of the Defenders in 1997.

We look to push Defenders even further still. Modern trucks need modern tech, and we have a world-class team ready to assemble it all on a fully reborn and rebuilt Defender chassis. These are just some of the many technical innovations we are placing into Land Rover Defenders in 2017:

  • Screens: Our custom-installed Sony infotainment systems give drivers access to an array of functions with the ease of touch screen giving you the ability to control everything from a single touch.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi: Installed throughout the vehicle, in car Wi-Fi will follow our Defenders everywhere. Modern GPS is crucial and standard.
  • Cameras: World-class cameras provide a clear view behind and infront of your Defender ensuring safe driving.
  • LED Lighting: Innovative LED lighting, in both the interior and exterior, was certainly not around in the middle of the 20th century, but it is now. We’ve got systems that can make the road ahead and the interior glow.
  • Wireless Charging Systems and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: With devices on hand at all times, you need the capability to keep them powered. Defenders with an assortment of ports and wireless charging pads are a contemporary must-have for safety and convenience.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Never have to check your tire pressure again with a reliable TPMS display that shows your tire pressure at each wheel in real time.
  • Cruise Control: Our vehicles are built to make the perfect daily driver. Offering cruise control on our Defenders only adds to the everyday usability of our Defenders and makes them the perfect vehicle for cross country road trips.
  • Automatic Headlights: Our headlights are set up to automatically come on during the critical times you need them allowing you to stay focused and distraction-free while traveling.
  • Keyless Entry and Push Button Start: Our latest offering allows you to approach your Defender and have it recognize your coded key fob while it remains in your pocket, then starting your Defender with a press of a button.

Land Rover Defenders are renowned for their off-road capability and relentless ability to run; mixing that with cutting edge technology, makes for an epic 21st-century truck. East Coast Defender is here to deliver this historic vehicle into modern times and to drop jaws while we are at it. Quality, function, and history are never forgotten: they are epically taken to the next level. To build your own technology-filled Defender, contact us today.

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