The Wide Body Kit Debate

Land Rover Defenders are elite off-road machines for a wide variety of reasons. From the grueling roads of the legendary Camel Trophy race to something as common as severe weather in your neighborhood, having a Defender under your feet is a huge boost. A lot of that capability in Defenders comes from the very design of the chassis itself.

Wide-body Defenders take this legendary utility ability and simply enhance it visually. Although Defenders of the past have relied for so long on their original factory specifications, in 2017, we can elevate the iconic truck with wide body kits that allow the Defender to reach another level in aesthetic brilliance. Kahn wide-body kits can be fitted by East Coast Defender and can be seen prominently on Project Beast and Project Urban Assault.

What Role Does the Wide Body Kit Play?

Simply defined, a wide-body kit enhances the slim look of a truck; creating more room for accessories and an overall impressive façade. On a Land Rover Defender, this wide-body look redefines what can be easily recognized as the traditional truck. In our view though, this is an evolution for the best, and trucks such as Project Beast only add evidence.

The Wide Body Controversy

Although, this wide-body kit does come with some controversy. Defender traditionalists see the wide-body kits as outside the realm of what the truck should look like. And in a truck like the Defender, the classic nature of this vehicle is often what makes it beloved from admirers all over the world.

How East Coast Defender Implements Wide Body Kits

The idea of installing a Kahn wide-body kit is to take a Defender to another level of capability without completely abandoning the function and visual splendor of the original concept. Far from it: East Coast Defender accomplishes an aesthetic makeover to create something new and vibrant within the overall package of the truck itself.

Accomplishing this tough task takes a team of highly skilled Defender builders – which we happen to have in our Florida Rover Dome. Some of the East Coast Defender projects with a wide-body kit (and shown in our project gallery) include:

Adding your current Land Rover Defender to this growing list of upgraded wide-bodied trucks will put you in select company. And as word gets out about the prestige these Defender makeovers carry, we can expect the trend to continue. But at East Coast Defender, the choice between traditional and revolutionary is all yours. Our ability to create cutting-edge custom trucks knows no boundary. Contact us today to start creating a Defender only you could dream up.

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