Team Spotlight: Marketing Guru Drew Gerhart

Spreading the word about the incredible things happening in the Florida-based facility of East Coast Defender is nearly as important as the work of rebuilding the Defenders themselves. For example, if there was a Land Rover Defender that was luxuriously customized, but there was no one to see it, was it really customized? Ah, these are the philosophical underpinnings of the marketing world. And at East Coast Defender, the man charged with letting the public know about the innovative work occurring at ECD, and answering the questions, is none other than Drew Gerhart.

Drew started his career with ECD in February of 2017, but he’s caught on to the culture fast. And he certainly isn’t new to off-road trucks and the wondrous ways they can be contorted; Drew spent four years with Auctions America as their Marketing Manager and spent many summers off-roading himself in Drummond Island, Michigan. He saw the opportunity at ECD as a natural fit.

So, he packed up his young family and moved south into the humid, but beautiful landscape of Central Florida. His job duties vary, but he’s the man in charge of everything marketing, PR, or outreach oriented. He’s the chess master behind the scenes of East Coast Defender’s sparks and metal; the straw that stirs the drink.

Like many others who work within ECD, he’s obsessed with innovation and what Land Rover Defenders can become in the future. Projects like Beast and Viper seem like game changers, but the playbook is still constantly evolving. Staying on top of those changes and presenting them to the public is task fit for someone who graduated a Spartan from Florida’s private university, University of Tampa. While at the UT, Drew spent his time playing in the band while consecutively working in sports marketing for the women’s basketball team.

At ECD, clients are often a celebrity-heavy crew. Discretion is sometimes required when dealing with luxury and the bold names; therefore, one of the most valuable assets a company can possess is trust.

Beyond that, Drew is always looking toward the future. This is indeed a young company with a pioneering product, so what comes next is just as exciting as what sits before him. Land Rover Defenders are made on the cutting-edge by a world-class group of people at East Coast Defender. For Drew, the best part of the job is obvious: “As a father, I love seeing the looks on kid’s faces when they see our Defenders for the first time, there’s nothing like it.”

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