3 Testimonials that Say it All

They say that actions speak louder than words, which is generally true. But words mean an awful lot too, especially when those words are a recommendation based on a personal experience. At East Coast Defender, we’ve built an array of innovative Land Rover Defenders over the years, each that look to speak precisely to our client’s personality. The feedback we have gotten in response has been overwhelmingly and emphatically positive.

And we hate to be that parent, but were just so proud of our Defenders that we felt the need to share some of this enthusiasm with you. These words speak volumes, and they are spoken from professionals from an assortment of fields.

(1) Servando Carrasco & Alex Morgan, Professional Soccer Players

We built Project 13 based on Alex’s jersey number, and with Servando and her unique sporting needs in mind.

“I’ve always liked the design and classic look of the Land Rover Defenders but it wasn’t until I went to the shop that I fell in love with these awesome trucks. Getting to see previous projects in person and handpicking every detail of Project 13 with the East Coast team has been a really cool experience.”—Alex Morgan

(2) The Plank Family, Founder of Under Armour

For this outrageous build dubbed Project XIII (Mr. Kevin Plank’s birthday is the 13th), we left no level of performance out. We included a 430-horsepower LS3, a roll cage, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

“Our experience working with ECD was a breeze – the team was responsive, considerate of our timeline and budget, and kept an open line of communication during our build. The progress website devoted to our project was incredibly helpful so we could check in and see real time pictures and progress! We could not be happier with the way our Defender turned out and have had so much fun with it.” – The Plank Family

(3) Sloan, Owner of the First Custom ECD Build:

Sloan was behind the wheel of our very first Defender build, and came back for more when we created the stunning Project Eclipse for her.

“This truck is so fantastic! Hand picking every little thing is such a fun and exciting process, and then to see it all come together so beautifully, with people that hand built it all there to share your excitement. Getting a custom build is a huge investment, but being a part of the process and experience, you aren’t just getting the truck, you are part of the entire evolution of your build.” -Sloan

See where your imagination can take you, and begin the Land Rover Defender build process at East Coast Defender today. To see our latest and greatest builds, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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