Project Spotlight: Project Indus

All of our projects carry a certain prestige. At East Coast Defender, we take quality and innovation very seriously. Our offerings are far beyond just Land Rover Defenders for sale; we offer a one-of-a-kind Defender building experience. We are a boutique outlet driven to produce exceptional luxury truck modifications that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

With that all said, some builds reach an elite level and represent that perfection we always strive for. They become, even after they leave our facility, unforgettable. Project Indus was one such build.

Indus was a unique build because of the versatility that we incorporated in its design. With an open-air back tub, a convertible soft top, and a world-class front grille, it’s more than capable in any off-road environment. It’s a playful Defender, good for a day at the beach or a jaunt down some backroads. But we also inserted some sleek design into the outward appearance, and, because of this, Project Indus fits just as seamlessly in front of a sprawling mansion as it does an off-road trail.

That versatility is at the core of the Land Rover Defender; it’s a key aspect to its decades-long longevity and hold on the public imagination. We didn’t overwhelm and obscure that history in building Indus; we just took it to the next level.

Some other features are pretty eye-popping as well:

  • A new Chevy LS3 engine, powerful and easy to handle with a six-speed automatic transmission.
  • High performance LED lighting for any off-road situation. We bring a level of illumination unheard of with common Defenders.
  • Sleek black leather interior with hand-crafted Corbeau racing seats
  • 18” inch Sawtooth wheels loaded onto BF Goodrich tires, and in case one get’s a little with their off-road adventures: an ARB front bumper with WARN winch.
  • Modern electronics to the extreme: a touch-screen infotainment system with Bluetooth as well as world-class JBL speakers throughout.

If you are looking for a Land Rover Defender for sale and you want to fully customize the build, we are ready to hear from you. We’re driven by what our clients can think up, and we are seeking a challenge constantly. If you feel the same ambition, contact us today. To keep up to date on all things East Coast Defender, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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