Take Full Control with Project Honey Badger

Honey badgers in the wild are known for a number of attributes: ferocity, fearlessness, and strength. In fact, the honey badger has been voted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most fearless creature. We’ve taken our cue from the wild honey badger as we built our latest project that bears its namesake. Project Honey Badger is the ultimate vessel of strength, and with a Chevrolet LS3 and a six-speed T56 manual transmission, this is a Land Rover Defender that allows the driver to have ultimate control.

Off-Road Capability

The capability of this vehicle was top of mind throughout the entire build process. In the end, Project Honey Badger has the tools it needs to conquer any road: whether it is paved or not.

The above-mentioned engine and transmission combination gives the driver both power and control.


An upgraded transfer case with a limited-slip differential ensures that there is control over the amount of power being allocated to the wheels.

The full roll cage ensures safety and increases the reliability of the overall build.


18” Sawtooth wheels with BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 tires help Project Honey Badger to navigate any terrain with ease.


The Borla exhaust contributes to the Honey Badger’s legendary sound, and it helps improve engine power.


Unique Passenger Experience

The off-road experience with Project Honey Badger is second to none, but on the road, passengers are going to have an experience like no other as well.

All passengers ride in comfort in their Ivory leather Corbeau seats with black accent stitching.


Project Honey Badger has a unique seating arrangement. In the back, four seats face inward.


A Kenwood infotainment center with a backup camera and Wi-Fi adds modern technological flair and practicality.

With JBL speakers and a subwoofer, we ensured the inside of this build sounds just as impressive as the exhaust outside.

For ultimate drivability, we also updated the dash area. Project Honey Badger sports Classic Instruments Moal Bomber gauges and a Quark steering wheel by MOMO.


All of these features are wrapped up in Porsche Dunkelolive Metallic paint. At the end of the day, Project Honey Badger is a Land Rover Defender suited perfectly for the client that commissioned the project. It’s a project that combines capability, control, and striking aesthetics. Take a look at the whole project in our video tour.


Are you interested in seeing what your dream build could look like? Start by mapping out your build on our configurator, or contact us. To learn more about our most recent Defender builds, follow us on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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