6 Classic Land Rover Defender Paint Colors

Land Rover Defenders are exclusive and iconic vehicles in a variety of ways. Considered elite off-road drivers, what makes a Defender iconic is often difficult to isolate in one simple attribute. Owning one puts you in a club of drivers who take pride in even the smallest innovative detail in car manufacturing.

This even extends to something that most people just casually decide when getting a truck: paint color. The color options of Defenders, and all Land Rovers for that matter, are an important and deeply thought about portion of the overall car design. From more recent modern day color schemes to historic mixes, there is a gamut of choices you can choose from.

By having an on-site paint and body shop, we can accommodate any type of color you are looking for. And if unsure, let this handy list explain just a few of the many options.


  • Keswick Green: One of the more recognizable colors of any Land Rover, its name comes from the rustic hills of the heavily forested town of Keswick in England.
  • Bournville: This color is named after another town in England, but it is seen on car as black with a brown hue.
  • AA Yellow: In the U.K., the venerable Automobile Association is well known: hence, AA yellow. For those looking for a bold and distinctive edge to their Defender, this is a bright yellow.
  • Beluga Black:This esoteric name comes from the caviar derived from the Beluga sturgeon and is a deep distinctive black.
  • Alpine White: A straightforward and unfussy name, Alpine White is exactly the color of pure arctic snow as you would imagine it to be.
  • Calama Copper: Calama is a city in Chile and considered one of the copper mining capitals of the world. This is the perfect name for a distinct glowing copper paint color.



The color of your Land Rover Defender is just one more cosmetic touch that makes these legendary trucks a reflection of your personality. Scan through some of our past builds to see just what’s possible or push the envelope even further and select your own color from any inspiration you choose. As always, feel free to contact us to learn more about the options we can offer you.

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