Building a Defender: Quality Check

Absolutely nothing stands in higher regard around the build bays of East Coast Defender than quality: plain and simple. As much as we care for innovation and history, if the quality isn’t there, it’s all for nothing. If you are looking for a quality Land Rover Defender for sale, East Coast Defender is the place to shop.

In that pursuit of quality, we’ve established a thorough process for vetting and checking every part of our Defenders throughout the build. Our process is completed by two Defender pros, Sergei, our Quality Control Lead, and Glenn, our Workshop Manager. So, just how thorough are Glenn, Sergei, and our quality control checks at East Coast Defender? Here’s a brief overview:

  • It always begins with the engine; each engine is dropped into our Defenders based on custom specs. We check every fluid level and ensure the engine idles smoothly. A close check of the suspension and chassis components along with hand torquing every bolt.
  • Once approved bumper to bumper with a 125-point inspection, we begin our road testing. We test each vehicle over the course of 500 miles, and if any issues arise, we return to the Rover Dome and fix the issue. We continue to test and retest, and until the vehicle passes inspection and we’ve achieved perfection.

Following the final check and when everything is perfect, Sergei fits each build with a signed inspection plaque that signifies the completion of the vehicle. If you spot a Land Rover Defender with an East Coast Defender inspection plaque, you can be sure it’s a genuine, quality build.

That is how important quality is to East Coast Defender. It’s not just a word, but a process and ethos that inhabits every inch of the Rover Dome. It’s painted on our walls and ingrained in all of ECD’s owners. After our builds roll out of the Rover Dome, they are the finest Land Rover Defenders you will find on the road: from luxury to off-road capability and, of course, quality. For more information about our Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us today.

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