Off Road Spotlight: The Trans-America Trail

Some roads are simply impassable for all, except for the finest trucks. This rings true for the iconic and breathtaking Trans-America Trail (TAT). Calling it a road would be putting it nicely; the Trans-America Trail is almost entirely unpaved over the course of its astonishing 5,000 miles. To complete a journey over that length of road, with the kinds of conditions that the TAT will throw at anyone, it takes planning, guts, and a truck with skill and power. At East Coast Defender, we take Land Rover Defenders for sale and transform them into off-roading machines that can conquer this trail with little to no issues.

It took 12 full years to map the trail across the American continent, with its designer, Sam Correro, spearheading efforts the entire way. It was a wild idea to go from coast-to-coast off-road, and the initial route itself was, and still is, considered mostly a track for motorcycles and smaller motorized vehicles. But Land Rover decided to take a crack at it with a more vigorous vehicle: a full trip on the Trans-America Trail from North Carolina to Oregon using one of their commanding trucks.

The idea was hatched in 2012, and Land Rover sent one of their expert consultants, Tom Collins, to tackle the expanse of America. Of course, Tom Collins is no random consultant; he placed second in the absolutely grueling and infamous 1987 Camel Trophy, in Madagascar, and coached off-road teams for many years. He’s a living legend, and combined with Land Rover, they proved to be a rare combination that could tackle the Trans-America Trail.

For the team involved in the quest, every aspect of the truck’s off-road ability proved useful:

  • Roof racks for the excessive gear they carried.
  • Each Land Rover in the convoy had a minimum of three spare tires.
  • World-class handling via a chassis designed for such a challenge.

Over a demanding six weeks and a multitude of conditions, the team completed their mission. They had conquered the TAT in a street-legal Land Rover and are thought to have become the first to do so.

Rivers were passed, hills were overtaken, mud was churned through, and yet still the truck kept moving. This is the type of exceptional otherworldly quality that is understood to be the powering force of the mythic Land Rover: a combination of luxury and off-road capability not found in many other vehicles. At East Coast Defender, we transform Land Rover Defenders for sale of this very heritage into and jaw-dropping, off-road machines. For more information on these transformations, contact us today.


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