Build Process: Breathtaking Upholstery

East Coast Defender is a custom Defender creator. We outsource no aspect of the build process, and we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that we bring to each project. When offering such a limited number of Land Rover Defenders for sale, our product is luxurious and rare. The accessories and parts that we put into our builds reflect an exceptional level of class and sophistication not replicated in any other factories around the world.

Our build process has many parts: chassis assembly, custom on-site paint work, lighting accessories, and some truly technically-innovative engines and drivetrain installations. But, one thing we never overlook is a part of the car you will come in contact with on a daily basis: the interior.

The interiors of our Land Rover Defenders are a talking point themselves; your friends and neighbors will note the level of sophistication that goes into them the moment they open the door. We break the upholstery build process into two basic concepts:


  • Our fabric liners are exotic but functional.
  • The fat mat is placed down with a layer of jute underneath, all of which acts as terrific sound insulation managing both the sounds coming out of your truck (from our thumping digital surround sound systems) and coming in. Your ride will always be quiet and smooth unless you choose to turn up the noise.
  • Full marine-grade waterproof carpet is installed if the client chooses
  • Engine bays are coated with an insulated coating from Eastwood that reduces external noise and heat.

Custom Stitching

  • Our motto on stitching is similar to that of the entire build itself: only the finest, and to the specification of the customer. Every piece of upholstery is hand-stitched and custom fitted for your truck.
  • Custom stitching can cover the steering wheel, headliners, door cards, seats, dashboard, and more. The materials we use are world-class, and stitching and leathers can be done in the design and colors of your choice and with the help of our vehicle designer who will work with you during the build process.

To find out more about the custom builds we are creating and our Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or We are constantly striving for perfection and innovation, and that all starts with the details like custom interiors.

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