Dominating Off-Road: Jeep or Defender?

Customization offers up many benefits for a potential owner of a new vehicle. Customization taken to the next level when a Land Rover Defender for sale is reconfigured from the ground up; you can drive whatever you choose to design down to the hand-stitched leather interiors. When people think of modern, customized vehicles, they generally consider the luxury aspects of such upgrades: sounds systems, exterior modifications meant for flash, or lavish interior accessories. All of these can fall into this general concept of a custom-built vehicle. One thing that gets less attention is the performance value that can be added, often because some vehicles can only be taken so far in the realm of heightened performance. But, if you are getting a Land Rover Defender, the conversation on truck capabilities can go in a lot of wild directions.

A Defender is a decades old version of Land Rover that made its name in the competitive world of off-road abilities. It’s still used worldwide in both military and police outfits because of this. Modern customized Defenders often stand out due to rare and complex luxury accessories, but at their core, even the most well-appointed Land Rover Defender is simply an off-road grinder.

Jeep Wranglers are essentially the American answer to the British Defender in terms of off-road ability. Stock versions of both Defenders and Wranglers can perform in off-road situations, but the Defender defines itself with a moldable chassis that can be turned into a flawless off-road vehicle, especially in the hands of the experts at East Coast Defender.

The incredible accessories we can add to these proven trucks are only limited by imagination and off-road gumption. Some of the ways we’ve upgraded them in past projects include:

  • King Off-Road Racing shocks
  • KAM custom heavy duty axles with electronic locking differentials
  • Roof mounted light bars to illuminate the road ahead and around
  • Snorkels so that no off-road situation is a hinderance
  • Roll cages and 8,000-pound-capacity, world-class front winches
  • Corbeau racing seats
  • Nitto Mud Grappler tires
  • New galvanized frames

That’s just what can be comfortably listed here. All put together, these upgrades can take a Land Rover Defender for sale and transform it into an off-road domineer that leaves something like a stock Wrangler behind on the trail. For more information, contact us at 407-483-4825 or

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