There are Two Types of People in This World

You know them when you see them: cookie-cutter “luxury” sports utility vehicles with common insignia and common colors. They emerge like weeds in the parking lots of suburban box stores around the country with owners consistently mixing up their vehicle for someone else’s. And why wouldn’t they? The tires are the same, the engine is an ordinary build, and there is no customization; they are the chain-restaurants of the high-end truck world. Pleasant in familiarly, but boring in truth. If you’re paying that kind of money for a vehicle, shouldn’t you be driving something that is truly exclusive? Something that defines you? It’s time to look for a Land Rover Defender for sale.

defenderlandrover2Something like the Mercedes G Wagon is well represented on America’s roadways. We won’t argue that. But when looking for your truck in a crowded parking lot after a movie, it won’t be much of a search if it’s a custom Land Rover Defender. You’ll be locating an icon, rare and bold. Maybe for some, that exclusivity is unimportant, and maybe blending into the scenery is just fine. But it’s not for you, the owner of a Defender.

Land Rover Defenders weren’t designed and built to be popular; they were just designed and built. Over the years, from humble beginnings in the English countryside, these unique and thoughtfully manufactured trucks began to attract a bit of a cult following. Things, be they cars, rock bands or painters, tend to do that when they truly stand out.

To become a part of the cult of Land Rover Defender is to become enmeshed in that iconic history. Unlike the common G Wagen, these trucks can no longer be purchased on a car lot, but only pursued and discovered, which is an adventure in itself. When you drive a world-class Defender, such as the builds the experts at East Coast Defender can create, you’ll be in a car that combines history and technical innovation in one distinct package.

So, when thinking about getting a luxury vehicle, one that’s built to be passed down through generations, ask yourself, who am I? Contact East Coast Defender at 407-483-4825 or for more information about our Land Rover Defenders for sale.

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