Off-Road Spotlight: Magruder Road Corridor

Defenders have morphed over the decades to be thought of as a luxury vehicle, especially when a Land Rover Defender for sale is in the hands of truck builders like those at East Coast Defender. But the road they’ve been down to get to this point, and the chassis from which they are still most well-known, is pure power and grit. A Defender is a truck made to go off-road and into the wild. In 2017, it’s still the vehicle of choice for both militaries around the world and off-road mavens of every stripe due to its legendary capabilities.

If you come to own one, take advantage of their capabilities. To do so, and to come back with a story to tell for it, look no further than the infamous Magruder Road Corridor. Located in the rustic and rural untamed wild expanse of Central Idaho, this 101-mile pass has been challenging travelers since its construction in the 1930s. Before that, it was a passageway for Native American tribes, explorers, and adventurers of the American centuries that preceded it. The basic facts of the road itself are fairly astonishing:

  • The corridor sits in a wilderness twice the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. This expanse is the largest piece of land not crossed by roads in the lower 48 states.
  • At minimum, a two-day trip is recommended to complete the 101-miles. Taking your time is the name of the game out in this frontier.
  • The Magruder Road Corridor is a one-lane road throughout; this is a path that you can expect will challenge your car and your own abilities.
  • Primitive camping is available along the route, so bringing your own gear is key.

Because of the route’s stunning beauty, it’s quite well-known in many off-road circles, but the Magruder Road Corridor is lightly driven because of the technical difficulties it presents. Only those with trucks that are both rugged enough to climb the rocky heights and roomy enough to hold all the gear necessary for what can be a multi-day ride are able to drive the corridor.

With a Defender, the Magruder Road Corridor is within reach. This summer, instead of a cruise or a trip to a tourist hub, strike out on your own, and take your family on a trip they will remember forever at the Magruder Road Corridor. For more information on our Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us today.

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