Get Into Your Defender with These 3 ECD Special Offers

land rover defender for sale

As a potentially defining piece of your garage, we at East Coast Defender take every opportunity to make certain a beautiful Land Rover Defender for sale ends up there. As iconic, custom-made luxury vehicles, a Defender will come with a price tag, but one that we feel is well worth it. This is not merely a trip to the lot to buy a car; this is a custom build process, and ECD keeps you in close contact the entire time.

Each build starts by defining what our clients need and want in a Defender. With experiences like our exclusive Fly & Drive Program, we foot the bill in order to get you to the Rover Dome and around these incredible trucks. Our Kissimmee headquarters has an open door policy, and we urge future Defender owners to explore and get to know us and the trucks as best as possible. These three unique offers allow you to get the most out of your build experience at the best value possible:

  • Client Portal

Getting a Defender built is an experience; with our elite online client portal, you can stay informed of each step in the build process. We want our customers to know not only what is going on in the build bays, but to add input along the way. We build everything to your exact specifications, and if this means changing an upholstery type or an accessory mid-build, so be it. With the client portal, requests like these are easily made, and clients can track their build from tear down all the way through to the quality checks by receiving bi-weekly updates from our concierge team. Clients also work directly with our Head of Design to work out all the details of their build both inside and out.

  • Fly & Drive

As earlier mentioned, this initial look into the East Coast Defender process is a favorite among many first-time Defender owners. The Fly & Drive Program is offered to pre-qualified individuals. Find out more information about the program here, and contact us today to start your Fly & Drive approval process.

  • Pay as You Go & Financing

East Coast Defender wants to make the payment process for your iconic machine as suited to you as the truck itself. Paying fully upfront, paying in installments as you go, and other options are all available. We’re not a car dealership; we’re a partner.
The Land Rover Defender got its start in the shadow of World War II, grinding it out in the English countryside. Nearly a century later, and across the Big Pond, a unique variation of this legendary truck is exciting aficionados and luxury car owners alike with a blend of history and cutting-edge vehicle modifications. Our expertise lies in finding the perfect Land Rover Defender for sale, and then transforming it into something that is your own. Contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or

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