4 Defenders for 4 Lifestyles

One of the great things about a Land Rover Defender in the US is its pure and unquestioned versatility. From world-class luxury vehicles to down-in-the-dirt off-road behemoths, the Defender is ready to take on a wide array of challenges. It’s one of the reasons the truck itself is so sought after and has been such an enduring brand over the decades.

Versatility coupled with our customization abilities and talented builders results in a Defender fit for any lifestyle. We’ve created builds that have been great vehicles for artists, professional athletes, and CEOs looking exclusively for a luxurious ride. We can build something that fits your active lifestyle perfectly.

  • The Outdoorsman: All custom-built Land Rover Defenders are well-equipped for trips to the outdoors, but something like our infamous Project Outdoorsman, takes your camping trip to DSC_4025mobileanother level. With accessories like a functional G4 Expedition style roof rack with ladder, you’ll be prepared for anything mother nature has in store for you. For the most innovative in accessories, this model was built with fishing rod storage and even a custom fold-out table for cleaning fish. We can take Defenders to the next level depending on your outdoor activity preferences.
  • The Surfer: Perfect for a run to the beach, our trucks have the versatility and space to bring your entire crew to the waves. You could use the roof racks included in a lot of our builds to strap your boards, but with something like Project Venice, with its convertible soft top, you can pop the boards in the back when it’s time to call it a day.
  • The Family Wagon: It’s not all camping trips to Long Key State Park and runs to the waves at Sebastian Inlet State Park; Defenders are also perfect for a simple trip to the grocery store. With luxurious leather seats and layouts to fit the entire family, it’s wonderful for any family expedition.
  • The Pro Athlete: Whether heading to the gym for a workout or heading to the stadium on game day, arrive at either in style. A custom-built Land Rover Defender from ECD will not be mistaken for any other vehicle. Arriving at practice in an incredible piece of equipment like Project Stealth will certainly turn some heads. Plus, any and all of your gear can easily fit into these beasts of the road, especially with a layout that includes storage boxes.

We build our Land Rover Defenders in the US for you with your hobbies and lifestyle in mind. The luxury can be top-class, and the accessories we can add will be revolutionary. For more information on how to start getting an exclusive custom ride built today, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com.


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