Choosing the Wheels on Which You Roll

It’s often said that your truck is only as good as the wheels that move it. When it comes to wheels and setups, we have quite a few options for our Land Rover Defenders for sale. We invite you to learn more about the importance of your Defender wheels and which wheels many of our Defenders leave the shop with.

At East Coast Defender, there are two primary wheel types that are very popular for our builds.

  • Sawtooth Wheels


These are commonly used on our builds, as Defenders benefit from their stability and toughness. The heavy-duty alloy rims do not damage easily and are a top choice for those looking to take a Defender into more exotic locales.

  • Kahn Wheels


Another tough alloy wheel type, Kahn wheels are similar to Sawtooth in both ability and strength. But, you’ll notice a distinctive difference in appearance, with the Kahn rims being a bit more rounded in overall design. In general, the overall design of our custom Defenders factor in heavily when deciding between the two (especially when it comes to look).

There are some other things to consider when thinking about wheel setups. The technical experts at East Coast Defender can walk you through these in intricate detail. When making customization and design choices for a build, factor in these considerations:

Why are Wheels Important?

Wheels, of course, are important on every vehicle. But on a Land Rover Defender, they are extra critical as these are performance trucks with distinctive handling characteristics. The Defender, due to it’s design and build, are vehicles that can take on very difficult road situations, and drivers often loathe to back down from a challenging path with the power and ability behind them. All the more reason to have a sturdy set of wheels at your base.

Why are Wheels Important to You?

As critical as wheel packages are in general, it’s key to understand how you’ll be driving your custom Defender. Will it be deployed for its luxury? Carry the kids to soccer practice? Exclusively tackle the toughest off-road venues? There are setups for each, and having an idea of where you’ll be driving the most will help us get you into the right setup.    

For more information on creating a custom Land Rover Defender, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825.






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