3 Reasons Our Defenders Start at $165,000

When considering things like world-class luxury and innovative state-of-the-art accessories, not to mention the exclusivity of Land Rover Defenders in the US, it should come as no surprise that these amazing trucks can cost over of six figures. Buying a custom luxury truck for that kind of money means two things. One: you’re getting the best on the road (and with the talented builders and designers at East Coast Defender, you are). Two: you’re getting a vehicle built exactly to your specifications. These vehicles can be thought of as heirlooms and investments, something that can be passed down, and something that holds its value through the years.

These are trucks fit for a Queen, quite literally.

It’s useful to know some of the things that go into a custom built truck created from the ground-up at East Coast Defender, and why they command such a price.

  • Land Rover Defenders are very rare.

A Land Rover Defender built in the US is not something you will see everyday. In fact, you’ll hardly ever see them, and if you own one, it’s doubtful that anyone you know will as well. This landroverdefenderforsale2exclusivity is part of the cult of the Defender; only a limited number of the NAS version (North American Specification) were shipped over in the 90s. Other options include importing a vehicle from overseas as long as it’s 25 years or older. Needless to say, getting your hands on one of these is going to come at a price. This isn’t a Jeep Wrangler, Escalade, or G Wagon you can pick up at the dealership down the street.

  • The Defender is iconic.

These trucks are just different. There’s nothing like them on the road in terms of look, style and power. They are, in essence, the ultimate automotive conversation starter. They’ve got a strong history in militaries across the world and countrysides across the UK, and they’ve been owned by a myriad of prominent people including the Queen of England. With a history like that, Defenders have become legendary.

  • A custom-built Defender is a process.

At East Coast Defender, we put thousands and thousands of hours into our builds along with top-of-the-line components and materials like the Chevrolet LS3 and premium leathers and fabrics. From the acquisition of the base vehicle (a thorough process done through exclusive contacts that we trust and have been in business with for years), to the actual ground-up build itself and the miles we test your truck over; a lot of sweat and tears go into your custom project. And it shows in the incredible results.

East Coast Defender is a group of Defender enthusiasts who worry less about the cost of a build than we do getting it right and delivering with the ultimate quality. Land Rover Defenders in the US are exclusive and rare vehicles, ones we have a lot of respect for. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 for more information on how to begin your journey into an iconic Defender.


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