5 Statements that Define East Coast Defender

To understand the depth of commitment to quality and a specific set of truck building ideals, we thought we’d let you in on them. Land Rover Defenders are distinguished trucks with over a half-century of excellence that follows their name. Although we take Defenders to another level in style, luxury, and performance, we always want to stay true to the original vision of the trucks: an uncompromising quality and reliability. The reminders are on the walls all around us. Here are five:

  • “Be a Creative Risk Taker.”

Nothing revolutionary was ever created by just making the comfortable and familiar. When ECD designs a vision for a Defender, we take chances and push the limits of innovation.

  • “We build dreams for creators, innovators, visionaries, tinkerers, leaders and enthusiasts.”

We like to think that our concept of creativity and wonder is shared by our clients, and 99.9% of the time, that is proven correct. We never forget that the machines we are building will be far ahead of the engineering curve.

  • “Our product is simple. Quality and excellence are expected at all times.”

For all of our innovation and unique builds, this quote sits at the foundation of what we do. Excellence is expected in every aspect of the process, and only quality is accepted. East Coast Defender abides by this to the furthest extreme. That’s why our builds work their way through multiple quality checks.


  • “This is not a business for average people”


At East Coast Defender, our focus is on quality, selection process, and unique training and rewards for our technicians. In order to continue working towards innovation and perfection, we urge our techs to further their training with ASE certifications. When they take and pass their tests, we reward their hard work with bonuses. After six months of employment, they get equity in East Coast Defender and become owners, not just employees.

  • “Working without a plan is like driving without a destination.”

When we launch a build, every angle is thought out beforehand: tires, paint, engine, accessories, and more. We like to think of ourselves as a band that is hitting every note with precision, and to do that takes commitment and talent. Our plan in every build is a perfect Land Rover Defender, and we expect to get to that destination by the end of the process. We accept nothing less.

There are many more quotes on the East Coast Defender walls. One of the things we also pride ourselves on is the open door policy of the Rover Dome, so if you are thinking about getting a custom Land Rover Defender built by the best in the business, give us a call at 407-483-4825 and we’ll set up a visit for you. Come learn more about our ethos and the incredible work that goes into making these unique and unforgettable trucks.

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