Project Spotlight: Project Water Buffalo

WaterBuffDetailIn3 copyBuffalos are distinctive animals known for their power and ability to run when necessary. Just like bison, this Land Rover Defender always makes its presence known. This is one of our most unique builds in terms of body design compared to other Land Rover Defenders for sale. With a heavy-duty pickup truck bed combined with a still-lavish, all-leather front cab, Project Water Buffalo is perfect for taking your dogs and family to the beach in one clean run. We’ve equipped this vehicle perfectly for outdoor adventure:

  • A front runner roof rack with high-lift jack: This is a distinctive roof rack made for all of your gear. We’ve also creatively combined the rack with a custom light bar, ensuring your trail ahead is always brightly lit.
  • Rear structure roll cage: As mentioned, with an open-air back cab, it’s great for both gear and pets. One of the reasons is this innovative roll-cage that adds both safety and sturdiness to the overall build.
  • A snorkel: Buffalo regularly need to cross small streams and water, and so may you. Fear no path with this smooth mounted _JCS9541 copysystem that allows your engine to breath under an array of conditions.   
  • Bonatti Grey paint color: This shade of grey is understated, but still a custom beauty.

Those are the accessories, but there’s no such thing as a water buffalo with no power. We covered that ground as well:

  • This muscle-heavy project was fitted with an upgraded Rover V8 fuel injected engine.
  • Five-speed manual transmission and a world-class custom dashboard makes this is a driver’s truck

But luxury wasn’t left out. Even though Project Water Buffalo has an open-air rear cab, it’s still a fully air-conditioned interior fitted with customized ceiling-mounted JBL speakers. A touch screen input device in between the front seat driver and passenger glows blue at all times, and everything is fitted with a fine leather upholstery that is all done directly on-site at the Rover Dome.

Project Water Buffalo is an example of just one direction you can take with your custom Land Rover Defender, but there are many. To learn more about the options and capabilities we put into our Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or

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