Project Spotlight: The Outdoorsman

East Coast Defender prides itself on the innovative cutting-edge designs that we create on our iconic Land Rover Defenders for sale. Our builds are made with the individual driver in mind, and we hope to match a truck to a personality. That personality can range from those that enjoy the ultra-luxurious aspect of Defenders to those looking for a unique and rare vehicle. It also applies to those looking for something that fits in with an active outdoor lifestyle.

We took the outdoor concept to the highest point possible with the accessory-loaded and stunning Outdoorsman. Our projects try to stay true to their names, and this one might have gone the furthest with that notion:

outdoorsman2Built in Fly Fishing Rod Storage

Try finding this on your everyday sports utility vehicle. Fishing is made easy with the creative touch of ECD; with built-in rod storage, any pond or roadside river becomes a possible instant fishing hole.

G4 Expedition Roof Rack with Ladder

This is one the finest and most structurally strong roof racks we install on Defenders. The extra touch of a ladder is optional, but we’d recommend it and provided it for this exclusive project.

Fold Out Fish Cleaning Table

Again, this project was built for a true outdoorsman: someone who would need only the accessories of the truck to have a full day in the open spaces of the natural world. This is a classic and unique ECD design that folds up and packs away easily.

18” Sawtooth Wheels

If you’re going to go off-road and into the wild, you’re going to need the correct tires and rims. This build was equipped with epic 18” Sawtooth wheels and the best of BFGoodrich tires. Few off-road environments can stand in the way of a fully-equipped Land Rover Defender.

Beyond those ultra-unique touches, we even gave The Outdoorsman some more traditional edges for the active driver: EBC Performance braking, a powerful Chevrolet LS3 V-8 engine, and, just to help you blend in a little better into woods and swamps, a British Racing Green paint color. All together, this is one sleek and impressive outdoor driving machine, but even after a long day of fishing and enjoying the fresh-air, you could still luxuriously ride to the most sophisticated speakeasy in town.
At East Coast Defender, we are known for our custom projects and distinctive builds. For more information on how to view more Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us today at 407-483-4825.

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