Three Unique Ways to Experience ECD

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Buying a truck from East Coast Defender is nothing like a trip to your local car dealership. We’ve developed a culture of quality and remarkable craftsmanship. Our product is very much the result of our strong team and always-growing standards. Our Land Rover Defenders for sale are designed, customized, and hand built from the ground up with a level of exclusivity that is not found in any other automobile acquisition. With that being said, we want everyone to have the ability to experience the excitement an East Coast Defender build creates, regardless if they are a client or an enthusiast.

Accessibility is key to our culture, and our sprawling and cutting-edge facility under the palm trees in Kissimmee, Florida is meant to be a gathering place for the collaboration between our clients, our talented builders and designers, and our fans who always bring new ideas. Below are just a few of the ways that we invite you to interact with East Coast Defender.

  • Fly & Drive

If you’re interested in purchasing a Defender, the Fly & Drive program is the most exclusive and immersive dive into the East Coast Defender experience. When considering starting the process of purchasing a custom Land Rover Defender, we offer a multi-layer trip to our facilities for pre-qualified clients to find out everything you need to know about our trucks. All of the arrangements, services, and costs in the Fly & Drive program are taken care of by us. If you can’t visit the Rover Dome, we’re more than happy go through the build process in person in the comfort of your own home.

  • Fly: Our concierge desk will set you up with a flight down to our Florida headquarters at your convenience. And again, the flight is on us.
  • Test Drive: Once you’ve made it to the Rover Dome, take a turn test driving some of finest and must cutting-edge trucks in the world. This process will help you decide with a little more clarity what direction you want your build to go. As you might know by now, the options in set-ups, accessories, engines, and even chassis types are very wide ranging.
  • Tour: Finally, while in sunny Florida, take a tour through our modern and jaw-dropping 21,000 square foot facilities. Meet the team of 33 full-time, ASE Certified employees who will put thousands of hours into your build. We can show you everything that goes into the design and builds of these luxury trucks.
  • Car Shows

30766_1347350015324768_5887607998218813046_nWe show off our goods at plenty of these, and if visiting our headquarters isn’t an option, it’s a great way to see East Coast Defender vehicles in the flesh. Contact us for more information on dates and locations, and we’d be happy to show you our latest project.

  • Facility Visits

At any time, we welcome fans of ECD to reach out to set up a time to drop by our facility. Regardless of if you can afford to purchase your very own Defender, you can still meet the team, learn about the process, and envelop yourself into the ECD culture. We’d love to have you!

  • Custom Configurator

Experience the many custom build options by crafting your dream Defender with our custom configurator. Choose from the Defender 90, 110, or 130. From there, make all the choices regarding the interior, exterior, seat layout, and more. This is your chance to see your Land Rover Defender nearly come to life.

For more information about our Land Rover Defenders for sale or to pay us a visit, contact us today at 407-483-4825.



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