Off-Road Spotlight: Mojave Road

A Land Rover Defender for sale and custom built at the Florida headquarters of East Coast Defender is truck like no other. From hand-stitched leather interiors to LED light systems and Chevrolet drivetrains, they define luxury in a modern SUV. But don’t let all the glitz fool you; these are still formidable and relentless off-road vehicles. Land Rover Defenders built their name on the ability to take on all types of roadways, both paved and not. It’s the reason they are used in militaries and police forces around the world to this day.

So, if you design a custom built Land Rover Defender and you select accessories made for increased off-road capabilities, it would seem absurd not to take on a driving challenge this summer. It’s time to explore the legendary and breathtaking Mojave Road.

Located in California’s Mojave National Preserve, the trail is one of America’s original pathways that was used by pioneers and homesteaders back in the mid 19th century. Not all that much has changed over the years in its 138-mile run. In fact, the American settlers that used it as a supply route didn’t carve the trail themselves; it was already there, a passageway centuries old, used by the native people of this country and assorted travelers over the eons. That history will be on full display as you serpentine over it’s exhausting but beautiful miles.

Some basic Mojave Road Facts:

  • The path is 138 miles, nearly all requiring four-wheel drive.
  • The first European to traverse the pass was Father Francisco Garces in 1776. It was used for centuries before this by Mojave and other Indian tribes.
  • The path was also used as a gold route by the renowned 49ers.
  • There is only one watering hole along the route, so be sure to bring plenty.
  • The Mojave Road is a two to three day off-road excursion with elevations reaching as much as 5,167 feet.
  • There are snowstorms in the winter and heat well over triple digits in the summer.

A word of caution about the Mojave Road: it is rustic in the best and worst sense. This is a tourist destination because of its history, but it is wild and untamed. Most of the road has no signs, no services, and few people to help in case of emergency. It’s even recommended that you check with National Park Service beforehand to make sure parts of the road are not impassable do to floods and mudslides. 

If you’re looking for adventure, there’s nothing that beats the challenge and excitement of the Mojave Road. The memories will last a lifetime, and the truck you’ll need to make it to the end of the road will be itself nothing short of exceptional. If you’re looking for a Land Rover Defender for sale, contact us today.

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