Launch of Ultimate Vehicle Concept Division

East Coast Defender Unveils Its Most Capable SUV With Launch of Ultimate Vehicle Concept Division

East Coast Defender unveiled “Project Viper” today, its most capable SUV and the first made-to-order vehicle built by the company’s new Ultimate Vehicle Concept (UVC) division. The flagship $285,000, Chevrolet LS3 V-8 powered Defender was commissioned by a renowned doctor in 2016 and previewed by select media today at the Classic Car Club Manhattan in New York City. Only ten custom SUVs will be built on demand by the UVC division each year, making them the most exclusive custom SUVs available.

“Project Viper is our first custom SUV to emerge from the new UVC division,” said Scott Wallace, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “We created UVC in response to the overwhelming demand from clients who want a pure, handcrafted SUV that is not limited by a specific Bill of Materials or budget. With one-of-one builds, like the Viper, we’re pushing the creative envelope with bigger, more capable trucks that celebrate our heritage with added daily comfort and reliability.”

Each UVC Defender is designed by the client and built in a separate production area at The Rover Dome in Kissimmee, Florida. East Coast Defender vehicles are designed to be capable drivers across a multitude of situations, including daily commutes. UVC vehicles will push the boundaries and be designed specifically for how the client will use the truck. Each UVC Defender will represent a no-budget, no-creative block that is built from scratch and represents a one-of-one Defender. The result will be a true, signature SUV that is purpose-built for the most extreme off-road and weather conditions, yet does not compromise ECD’s work on their other custom builds.

“Our UVC Design Studio will provide a luxury buying experience unlike anything in the world,” said Tom Humble, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “While staying true to Land Rover heritage, our clients will be able to completely redesign their Defender. Each SUV that rolls out of our facility will be ready to cross continents or tackle the most demanding conditions in a Baja race. We’re taking the Defender to a whole new level and the Viper is the pinnacle of what a true adventure-lifestyle SUV should be.”

East Coast Defender was founded by three self-prescribed “British petrol heads”; brothers Tom and Elliot Humble, as well as their close friend Scott Wallace. Growing up near the famous Lode Lane factory in England, the brothers found themselves surrounded by Defenders throughout their childhood. They officially opened the East Coast Defender workshop in 2013 and it has been building the world’s most celebrated, handcrafted Defenders since.

Scott, a private investor with a Blue Chip corporate background and a passion for cars that began with a Porsche mug at 10 years old, later joined the company. It was his drive and a trip to the local Wawa convenience store that started a pivotal moment for East Coast Defender.

That is when the three determined that for the company to become the best Land Rover Defender builders on the planet, they needed complete control. Today, the company is based in Kissimmee, Florida, where every East Coast Defender is built by hand and completely in house at its 21,000 sq. ft. facility, named the “Rover Dome.”

“Build options available to UVC clients include custom built axles, shock absorbers, air intakes for snorkels, lighting options and off-road protection, as well as hand-built wheels,” said Elliot Humble, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “Approximately 95 percent of the custom work is done by hand by skilled craftsmen and engineers. The build process is time intensive and includes countless hours of design, build, fit, re-design and re-fit until the vehicle exceeds UVC’s standards for design and performance.”

Project Viper performance specs include:

  • 6.2-liter, 430-hp Chevrolet LS3 V-8 engine
  • Six-speed automatic transmission
  • Hand built in the USA custom aluminum radiator
  • Hand built in the USA Ricks Tanks full stainless steel fuel cell with dual point fuel pick ups
  • Braided stainless steel fuel lines
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Wilwood brakes with 6-piston front race calipers and 4-piston rear race calipers with vented and drilled rotors all around
  • KAM custom heavy duty axles with electronic locking differentials
  • Heavy duty steering arms
  • Fully custom suspension system
  • King Off-Road Racing shocks and steering damper
  • 2″ lifted Old Man Emu coil springs

Project Viper interior and convenience specs include:

  • Puma dash upgrade
  • Air conditioning
  • Classic Instruments Moal Bomber series gauges
  • Kenwood touchscreen infotainment system with GPS, backup camera, wifi, and Apple Car Play/Android Auto with a custom Morel amplified speaker system
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Black Corbeau heated leather seats with white accent stitching
  • LED lighting throughout with auto-on headlights, mood lighting, and puddle lighting
  • Power windows
  • Remote locking and alarm system

Project Viper exterior and styling specs include:

  • Custom ECD Edition 20” wheels by ADV.1 with Nitto Mud Grappler tires
  • Tinted factory windows
  • Tubular winch bumper with WARN winch
  • Custom-built swing away spare tire carrier
  • Full Safety Devices external roll cage
  • Front LED spot lamps
  • Rear LED work lamps
  • Custom built diamond plated bed liner with toolboxes and seating

Visit for more information and to learn how you can own a handcrafted, custom engineered UVC Defender.

There are Two Types of People in This World

You know them when you see them: cookie-cutter “luxury” sports utility vehicles with common insignia and common colors. They emerge like weeds in the parking lots of suburban box stores around the country with owners consistently mixing up their vehicle for someone else’s. And why wouldn’t they? The tires are the same, the engine is an ordinary build, and there is no customization; they are the chain-restaurants of the high-end truck world. Pleasant in familiarly, but boring in truth. If you’re paying that kind of money for a vehicle, shouldn’t you be driving something that is truly exclusive? Something that defines you? It’s time to look for a Land Rover Defender for sale.

defenderlandrover2Something like the Mercedes G Wagon is well represented on America’s roadways. We won’t argue that. But when looking for your truck in a crowded parking lot after a movie, it won’t be much of a search if it’s a custom Land Rover Defender. You’ll be locating an icon, rare and bold. Maybe for some, that exclusivity is unimportant, and maybe blending into the scenery is just fine. But it’s not for you, the owner of a Defender.

Land Rover Defenders weren’t designed and built to be popular; they were just designed and built. Over the years, from humble beginnings in the English countryside, these unique and thoughtfully manufactured trucks began to attract a bit of a cult following. Things, be they cars, rock bands or painters, tend to do that when they truly stand out.

To become a part of the cult of Land Rover Defender is to become enmeshed in that iconic history. Unlike the common G Wagen, these trucks can no longer be purchased on a car lot, but only pursued and discovered, which is an adventure in itself. When you drive a world-class Defender, such as the builds the experts at East Coast Defender can create, you’ll be in a car that combines history and technical innovation in one distinct package.

So, when thinking about getting a luxury vehicle, one that’s built to be passed down through generations, ask yourself, who am I? Contact East Coast Defender at 407-483-4825 or for more information about our Land Rover Defenders for sale.

Off-Road Spotlight: Magruder Road Corridor

Defenders have morphed over the decades to be thought of as a luxury vehicle, especially when a Land Rover Defender for sale is in the hands of truck builders like those at East Coast Defender. But the road they’ve been down to get to this point, and the chassis from which they are still most well-known, is pure power and grit. A Defender is a truck made to go off-road and into the wild. In 2017, it’s still the vehicle of choice for both militaries around the world and off-road mavens of every stripe due to its legendary capabilities.

If you come to own one, take advantage of their capabilities. To do so, and to come back with a story to tell for it, look no further than the infamous Magruder Road Corridor. Located in the rustic and rural untamed wild expanse of Central Idaho, this 101-mile pass has been challenging travelers since its construction in the 1930s. Before that, it was a passageway for Native American tribes, explorers, and adventurers of the American centuries that preceded it. The basic facts of the road itself are fairly astonishing:

  • The corridor sits in a wilderness twice the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. This expanse is the largest piece of land not crossed by roads in the lower 48 states.
  • At minimum, a two-day trip is recommended to complete the 101-miles. Taking your time is the name of the game out in this frontier.
  • The Magruder Road Corridor is a one-lane road throughout; this is a path that you can expect will challenge your car and your own abilities.
  • Primitive camping is available along the route, so bringing your own gear is key.

Because of the route’s stunning beauty, it’s quite well-known in many off-road circles, but the Magruder Road Corridor is lightly driven because of the technical difficulties it presents. Only those with trucks that are both rugged enough to climb the rocky heights and roomy enough to hold all the gear necessary for what can be a multi-day ride are able to drive the corridor.

With a Defender, the Magruder Road Corridor is within reach. This summer, instead of a cruise or a trip to a tourist hub, strike out on your own, and take your family on a trip they will remember forever at the Magruder Road Corridor. For more information on our Land Rover Defenders for sale, contact us today.

An Iconic Vehicle for the Most Iconic Route

A Land Rover Defender is a terrific vehicle for a short drive to the supermarket or into town for a dinner; it has the luxury and handling to be impressive in those instances. Beyond the day-to-day, Defenders are also an excellent vehicle of choice for longer trips or less-traveled terrain. This summer, as a new Defender owner, maybe it’s time for you to take your vehicle on a tour of our vast country. You’ll turn some heads and see the world in style and comfort. Take what was once just a Land Rover Defender for sale and experience it’s iconic persona on an iconic route.
Whether it is the distance they can travel, the cargo capability, the comfort, or the rugged nature that fears no path, the vehicles turned out by East Coast Defender are ready for it all, including extensive road trips. One of the best road trip ideas for 2017 is an iconic throwback: Route 66. The 2,400 mile route from Chicago to the great shores of the Pacific and Santa Monica is lodged in the fabric of American for good reason.

If you do decide to take the trip across Route 66 this summer, here are some places along the way not to miss.

  • Chain of Rocks Bridge (Illinois-Missouri border): This is neat walking trail with a unique history.
  • The Loop (St. Louis): The Loop is a great entertainment complex made famous by the late great Chuck Berry.
  • Meramec Caverns (Missouri): Did the Outlaw Jesse James hideout here? Only one way to find out.
  • Henry’s Rabbit Ranch: It’s weird, it’s unique, and you shouldn’t miss it. This stop commemorates Route 66 with some interesting memorabilia.
  • Laumeier Sculpture Park & Museum (St. Louis): As a Route 66 legend, this is a treat for your eyes.
  • Rock Café (Stroud, Oklahoma): There’s a lot of terrific cafes and diners along Route 66, but this might be one of the best.
  • Jiggs Smoke House: Don’t take a trip down America’s Highway without getting some BBQ.
  • Tower Station and U-Drop Inn Café (Shamrock, Texas): The place looks like it’s transported in time through a half century.
  • Blue Swallow Motel (Tucumcari, NM): If you are looking for a true retro motel to spend the night in along Route 66, this is it!
  • Oatman, Arizona: This is a unique stop at a ghost town along Route 66.
  • Meteor Crater, Arizona: Stand in one of America’s great craters, and be happy you aren’t there 50,000 years earlier.
  • Santa Monica Pier: Roll your Land Rover Defender up to the edge, and end your summer road trip as they are meant to be; take in the sound and fury of the Pacific Ocean at The Pier.


To take in all these sites in the best vehicle possible, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or We’ll find your ideal Land Rover Defender for sale and customize it to your liking for the road ahead.

Get Into Your Defender with These 3 ECD Special Offers

land rover defender for sale

As a potentially defining piece of your garage, we at East Coast Defender take every opportunity to make certain a beautiful Land Rover Defender for sale ends up there. As iconic, custom-made luxury vehicles, a Defender will come with a price tag, but one that we feel is well worth it. This is not merely a trip to the lot to buy a car; this is a custom build process, and ECD keeps you in close contact the entire time.

Each build starts by defining what our clients need and want in a Defender. With experiences like our exclusive Fly & Drive Program, we foot the bill in order to get you to the Rover Dome and around these incredible trucks. Our Kissimmee headquarters has an open door policy, and we urge future Defender owners to explore and get to know us and the trucks as best as possible. These three unique offers allow you to get the most out of your build experience at the best value possible:

  • Client Portal

Getting a Defender built is an experience; with our elite online client portal, you can stay informed of each step in the build process. We want our customers to know not only what is going on in the build bays, but to add input along the way. We build everything to your exact specifications, and if this means changing an upholstery type or an accessory mid-build, so be it. With the client portal, requests like these are easily made, and clients can track their build from tear down all the way through to the quality checks by receiving bi-weekly updates from our concierge team. Clients also work directly with our Head of Design to work out all the details of their build both inside and out.

  • Fly & Drive

As earlier mentioned, this initial look into the East Coast Defender process is a favorite among many first-time Defender owners. The Fly & Drive Program is offered to pre-qualified individuals. Find out more information about the program here, and contact us today to start your Fly & Drive approval process.

  • Pay as You Go & Financing

East Coast Defender wants to make the payment process for your iconic machine as suited to you as the truck itself. Paying fully upfront, paying in installments as you go, and other options are all available. We’re not a car dealership; we’re a partner.
The Land Rover Defender got its start in the shadow of World War II, grinding it out in the English countryside. Nearly a century later, and across the Big Pond, a unique variation of this legendary truck is exciting aficionados and luxury car owners alike with a blend of history and cutting-edge vehicle modifications. Our expertise lies in finding the perfect Land Rover Defender for sale, and then transforming it into something that is your own. Contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or

4 Defenders for 4 Lifestyles

One of the great things about a Land Rover Defender in the US is its pure and unquestioned versatility. From world-class luxury vehicles to down-in-the-dirt off-road behemoths, the Defender is ready to take on a wide array of challenges. It’s one of the reasons the truck itself is so sought after and has been such an enduring brand over the decades.

Versatility coupled with our customization abilities and talented builders results in a Defender fit for any lifestyle. We’ve created builds that have been great vehicles for artists, professional athletes, and CEOs looking exclusively for a luxurious ride. We can build something that fits your active lifestyle perfectly.

  • The Outdoorsman: All custom-built Land Rover Defenders are well-equipped for trips to the outdoors, but something like our infamous Project Outdoorsman, takes your camping trip to DSC_4025mobileanother level. With accessories like a functional G4 Expedition style roof rack with ladder, you’ll be prepared for anything mother nature has in store for you. For the most innovative in accessories, this model was built with fishing rod storage and even a custom fold-out table for cleaning fish. We can take Defenders to the next level depending on your outdoor activity preferences.
  • The Surfer: Perfect for a run to the beach, our trucks have the versatility and space to bring your entire crew to the waves. You could use the roof racks included in a lot of our builds to strap your boards, but with something like Project Venice, with its convertible soft top, you can pop the boards in the back when it’s time to call it a day.
  • The Family Wagon: It’s not all camping trips to Long Key State Park and runs to the waves at Sebastian Inlet State Park; Defenders are also perfect for a simple trip to the grocery store. With luxurious leather seats and layouts to fit the entire family, it’s wonderful for any family expedition.
  • The Pro Athlete: Whether heading to the gym for a workout or heading to the stadium on game day, arrive at either in style. A custom-built Land Rover Defender from ECD will not be mistaken for any other vehicle. Arriving at practice in an incredible piece of equipment like Project Stealth will certainly turn some heads. Plus, any and all of your gear can easily fit into these beasts of the road, especially with a layout that includes storage boxes.

We build our Land Rover Defenders in the US for you with your hobbies and lifestyle in mind. The luxury can be top-class, and the accessories we can add will be revolutionary. For more information on how to start getting an exclusive custom ride built today, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at


Choosing the Wheels on Which You Roll

It’s often said that your truck is only as good as the wheels that move it. When it comes to wheels and setups, we have quite a few options for our Land Rover Defenders for sale. We invite you to learn more about the importance of your Defender wheels and which wheels many of our Defenders leave the shop with.

At East Coast Defender, there are two primary wheel types that are very popular for our builds.

  • Sawtooth Wheels


These are commonly used on our builds, as Defenders benefit from their stability and toughness. The heavy-duty alloy rims do not damage easily and are a top choice for those looking to take a Defender into more exotic locales.

  • Kahn Wheels


Another tough alloy wheel type, Kahn wheels are similar to Sawtooth in both ability and strength. But, you’ll notice a distinctive difference in appearance, with the Kahn rims being a bit more rounded in overall design. In general, the overall design of our custom Defenders factor in heavily when deciding between the two (especially when it comes to look).

There are some other things to consider when thinking about wheel setups. The technical experts at East Coast Defender can walk you through these in intricate detail. When making customization and design choices for a build, factor in these considerations:

Why are Wheels Important?

Wheels, of course, are important on every vehicle. But on a Land Rover Defender, they are extra critical as these are performance trucks with distinctive handling characteristics. The Defender, due to it’s design and build, are vehicles that can take on very difficult road situations, and drivers often loathe to back down from a challenging path with the power and ability behind them. All the more reason to have a sturdy set of wheels at your base.

Why are Wheels Important to You?

As critical as wheel packages are in general, it’s key to understand how you’ll be driving your custom Defender. Will it be deployed for its luxury? Carry the kids to soccer practice? Exclusively tackle the toughest off-road venues? There are setups for each, and having an idea of where you’ll be driving the most will help us get you into the right setup.    

For more information on creating a custom Land Rover Defender, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825.






3 Reasons Our Defenders Start at $165,000

When considering things like world-class luxury and innovative state-of-the-art accessories, not to mention the exclusivity of Land Rover Defenders in the US, it should come as no surprise that these amazing trucks can cost over of six figures. Buying a custom luxury truck for that kind of money means two things. One: you’re getting the best on the road (and with the talented builders and designers at East Coast Defender, you are). Two: you’re getting a vehicle built exactly to your specifications. These vehicles can be thought of as heirlooms and investments, something that can be passed down, and something that holds its value through the years.

These are trucks fit for a Queen, quite literally.

It’s useful to know some of the things that go into a custom built truck created from the ground-up at East Coast Defender, and why they command such a price.

  • Land Rover Defenders are very rare.

A Land Rover Defender built in the US is not something you will see everyday. In fact, you’ll hardly ever see them, and if you own one, it’s doubtful that anyone you know will as well. This landroverdefenderforsale2exclusivity is part of the cult of the Defender; only a limited number of the NAS version (North American Specification) were shipped over in the 90s. Other options include importing a vehicle from overseas as long as it’s 25 years or older. Needless to say, getting your hands on one of these is going to come at a price. This isn’t a Jeep Wrangler, Escalade, or G Wagon you can pick up at the dealership down the street.

  • The Defender is iconic.

These trucks are just different. There’s nothing like them on the road in terms of look, style and power. They are, in essence, the ultimate automotive conversation starter. They’ve got a strong history in militaries across the world and countrysides across the UK, and they’ve been owned by a myriad of prominent people including the Queen of England. With a history like that, Defenders have become legendary.

  • A custom-built Defender is a process.

At East Coast Defender, we put thousands and thousands of hours into our builds along with top-of-the-line components and materials like the Chevrolet LS3 and premium leathers and fabrics. From the acquisition of the base vehicle (a thorough process done through exclusive contacts that we trust and have been in business with for years), to the actual ground-up build itself and the miles we test your truck over; a lot of sweat and tears go into your custom project. And it shows in the incredible results.

East Coast Defender is a group of Defender enthusiasts who worry less about the cost of a build than we do getting it right and delivering with the ultimate quality. Land Rover Defenders in the US are exclusive and rare vehicles, ones we have a lot of respect for. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 for more information on how to begin your journey into an iconic Defender.


Project Spotlight: The Huntress

The engine roars to life, the alligator-covered Corbeau seats press against the skin, and the stereo hums along. The Huntress truly awakens the senses, which is perfect for the renowned artist who commissioned this build, as she is known for her multi-sensory installations. The owner of the Huntress brought to life a build that combined her unique and artistic vision with the rugged practicality required for her ranch in Wyoming. Compared to other Land Rover Defenders for sale, the results are nothing short of stunning.

The Exterior

At first impression, the exterior of the Huntress is very important. This build is a unique D130 which makes a statement colored in dark green. The Huntress sits atop Boost 18” wheels with BFGoodrich tires and a two-inch lift kit. The practicality of the exterior is taken further with tinted Masai windows, a custom spare tire carrier, and a tubular winch bumper with a WARN winch that is bound to be put to use on that Wyoming ranch.

The Interior

It’s true; the interior of Huntress is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. First, let’s talk about aesthetic and comfort. The Huntress features Corbeau seats custom covered in chocolate-brown alligator hide. These hides have been locally sourced just miles from the Rover Dome. The rest of the leather accents throughout the interior are designed to compliment the front seats and create a kind of character you’ll never find in a factory-produced vehicle.

While much of the interior is timeless, the technology throughout is cutting-edge. We’ve installed modern conveniences not typically found in D130s including air conditioning and classic instrument gauges. We’ve overhauled the dash with a Puma upgrade and a touchscreen Kenwood infotainment system which includes Apple Car Play, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a backup camera. To top it off, we also included a custom Morel amplified speaker system and automatic lighting. There is no doubt that the owner of the Huntress will be riding in refined, bespoke style and comfort.

Under the Hood

The interior of this build is remarkable, but the power under the hoods elevates the Huntress even further. First, we installed a 6.2-liter, 430-hp Chevrolet LS3 V-8 engine. When your Defender goes from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds, some additional hardware is needed to restrain that power. We installed Wilwood brakes with race calipers and vented and drilled rotors. A six-speed automatic transmission distributes all the power from the LS3. These modifications make this Defender ultra-reliable and a joy to drive.

The Huntress is just our latest custom-built Defender. To keep an eye out for new projects, or to view other Land Rover Defenders for sale, check out our available stock and project gallery. If you are interested in crafting your own custom build, contact us today.