Build Process: Body Assembly & Electronics

buildprocess2Body assembly and electronic installation can be common when done to every other car, especially when they are robotically assembled in a factory, but we take these components to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship by building everything completely by hand. These Land Rover Defenders for sale, built entirely from the chassis up, require an inordinate amount of attention and care in order to deliver a luxury truck of epic proportions. After tear down, fab up, paint, and drivetrain installation, next comes the body assembly and our custom installed electronics. Getting this part right is an absolute must.

Body Assembly

Body assembly follows paint and drivetrain installation. After pieces of the build are painted to the owners exact specifications, they are assembled with the utmost of care in order to not ruin the hard work that has already been put into the build. All body panels and doors are fit and measured to the millimeter ensuring a proper gap and flawless fit and finish. After the drivetrain is dropped in and the painted body is assembled, we’ve got the shell and bones of the build established, but from there, the electronics bring it all to life.


The electrical systems we put into these Land Rover Defenders can be very complex and can range from studio-grade sound systems to Wi-Fi hotspots ECD_2587and communications accessible from every seat in the truck. At this point, our clients have many choices to make regarding which products will be most practical for them. Electronics also include things like adding power windows and door locks, all of which must be carefully set and routed to the driver’s command center. Establishing this level of electronic excellence in a Defender that could be decades old takes lots of skill and precisions. The electronics build process also includes some aspects you might not think of:


  • Full drivetrain inspection and a sign-off from our quality control manager prior to these steps ensuring we’re ready to proceed. Each drivetrain is wired into the engine harness, and each job is done custom to ensure a perfect fit and to accommodate the engine type.
  • Body harnesses down the center of the vehicle hold and power everything from window controls to air-conditioning units and custom gauges.
  • New wiring must also be installed for the horn, lights, windshield wipers, locks, and any additional accessories.
  • Dashboard components are vital for the whole system, so these are installed and checked very thoroughly.
  • Finally, we install a custom infotainment system you may be looking to add to your specifications. They may not have had fully integrated sound systems and LED lighting when Defenders first roamed the English countryside in the mid 20th century, but they sure do now. Installing the popular Puma dash as a standard option at East Coast Defender take these builds to the next level.

Everything described in our body and electronics assembly can be customized to your tastes and aspirations. We build our Land Rover Defenders for sale from the ground up, and our clients drive these vehicles into the 21st century. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information on how you can get behind the wheel of your own custom Land Rover Defender from East Coast Defender.

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