Make Sure They Don’t Forget Your Name

What separates a Land Rover Defender built in the US by ECD from any other? Quality, for one, and that quality is completely synonymous with the brand of East Coast Defender. Another thing that separates us from the competition is our ability to innovate and create unique custom trucks. Our Defenders speak to a part of your identity and can be customized to stand out above a crowd.

ECD2These luxury cars are a mission-statement to your own personal brand. And, to that effect, we can customize your build so that it is not only unlike any other truck on the road, but any other truck that even we have built.

There are a number of ways this personalization and customization can take place, and when getting a build from East Coast Defender, it behooves you to look into them all. We’ll ensure that the valet doesn’t really need a ticket after parking your truck.

Name Personalization

With our custom, on-site craftsmen, we create hand-stitched leather interiors that can be inscribed with your insignia, initials, company, anything! If you have colors or emblems that are just “you,” we can integrate them into the interior design of your build. Whether someone is entering or leaving the vehicle, chances are they won’t be forgetting the experience, and you, for quite a while. From monogrammed initials on headrests to dash panels that are retrofitted for your eye, no detail is insignificant. We create a truck that is as linked to you as your very signature.

Custom Accessories

An East Coast Defender build is a project designed exclusively for you. From its codename in the build bay (like Project 13, created for Servando Carrasco, Orlando City Midfielder, and his wife Alex JCS5707Morgan) to the custom inspection plaque placed on the vehicle at the culmination of its build, every feature routes back to our clients in some way. Truck-based accessories like snorkels, roof-mounted LED lights, custom wheels, and built-in fishing rod holders add a uniqueness and individuality to every build.

Exceptional personalization and bespoke builds are the very identity of East Coast Defender. These are completely custom-made Land Rover Defender’s built in the US specifically for you. No other matters are considered during planning and construction other than what the client wants to project with these iconic luxury trucks. If you’re not content with purchasing a vehicle that matches your neighbors production line-built daily driver, contact us 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at

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