Our Signature is Customization

Land Rover Defender in the US

There are, of course, several options in the vehicular world of SUVs, trucks, and assorted road-wagons. From Jeeps to Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons and a wide spectrum in between, there are many directions you can go when needing a new vehicle of a certain type. But with a custom designed Land Rover Defender built entirely from the ground up at East Coast Defender, you’re getting something more than just another anonymous car that can blend into the highway; you are getting a signature machine, rare and distinct. The difference in going with East Coast Defender is not trivial; these are highly-personalized, luxury vehicles that act as an extension of your personality and statement of your identity.

Not only that, but these are the boldest vehicles on or off the road. You won’t have to worry about a valet finding your Land Rover Defender standing proudly above the beige monotony in most parking lots. Stand out in a crowd on a drive to the next campsite. Defenders are not average vehicles; they are not mere cookie-cutter transportation devices designed to simply move you from one place to another; they are exceptional luxury vehicles made with your exact design specifications in mind.

As fine a car as something like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is, over 250,000 have been delivered to customers since the first model was launched, over 20,000 of them were made last year alone; it would be difficult to see a number like this and think exclusive. East Coast Defender hand-built 36 Land Rover Defenders in 2016. Thirty-six. Each was designed, constructed, and tested with the care that this scarcity in production allows. We have months of design, building, and fine-tuning that go into every single one of our trucks, to the point that all our builds receives a project name and no two trucks leave in the same configuration.

Outside of just the general care that can go into something so exclusive and luxurious, one of the biggest signature aspects that East Coast Defender can offer is our custom modifications. They are, indeed, plentiful. We can configure your custom Land Rover Defender with a vast number of features and technical marvels we’ve painstakingly developed over the years highlighted by the following:

  • Engine upgrades including the Chevrolet LC9 and LS3, both backed by a 2-year/50,000 mile warranty from GM
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting packages that are captivating and eye-popping
  • Cutting-edge sound systems
  • Puma dash upgrades
  • Rims, paint, roof racks, and lift kits all to your exact specification
  • Hand-stitched leather interior
  • A variety of interchangeable seating layouts for large and small groups

That’s just a quick list of the many, many things we at East Coast Defender can do to make your Defender a truly exceptional piece. These Land Rover Defenders are not for the common driver, but for the driving elite. For more information on getting a build of your own, call us anytime at 407-483-4825.

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