Defender Lighting Options

Land Rover Defender for Sale

With the assortment of accessories to choose from when building your Land Rover Defender from the ground up, it can be easy to overlook a component that can really make you truck pop each and every night: exterior lighting. Defenders came stock with a very distinctive, boxy headlamp cluster with halogen lamps; it’s part of their charm and an object that, on its own, stands out. An East Coast Defender build comes with upgraded LED headlamps providing a clear path for daily driving. But, lighting can get further upgraded with options including roof and bumper light bars and pods, interior LEDs, puddle lighting, fading ambient lighting, and automatic on/off kits for the headlamps which take luxury and functionality to the next level.

Not only do you want a lighting package that’s exotic and illuminating in every aspect, but with a truck like the Defender, you should have the capability for off-road and inclement weather conditions that may arise. These lighting accessories can take on an array of forms, but some of the finest projects of the past show off what is possible.

Project Buffalo and Beast


These two explosive builds came with a lighting element that can run with the herd: a cutting-edge, roof rack-mounted Lazer light bar. Incorporating these helped make Project Buffalo and Beast fan favorites and shined a bright light on future ECD builds.

Project YellowJacket


The roof-mounted Hella quad-bulb spot lamps perfectly fit the profile of the aptly named Project YellowJacket. As a sporty convertible top Defender, having the ability to illuminate the campsite or a beach as the dusk grows around it was essential.

Project Tomb Raider


One of our absolute favorite builds also features one of the most innovative lighting designs ever placed on a Defender: the LED Expedition rack. Sleek and customized with integrated LED lighting, this ultra-powerful setup will overpower even the harshest conditions when turned on. It has the ability to light the road for hundreds of meters ahead and look cool while doing it.

These are but a few of the potential design concepts we can put into a custom built Land Rover Defender. East Coast Defender is always looking to push the envelope on inventive and pioneering technology while staying true to the history and roots of these epic trucks. That extends to even the lighting. For more information on the bold Defender we can build for you, call us at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at, and we’ll light the road ahead.