Premier US Off-Roading: Engineer Pass, Colorado

When making a list of the most challenging and jaw-dropping off-road excursions in the lower 48 states, one in particular seems to always come up: Engineer Pass in Colorado. And Land Rover Defenders were built for just sort of terrain. Colorado itself has a cornucopia of world-class, semi-vehicular terrain, so for one to stand out, as this piece of the infamous Alpine Loop does, takes a particular type of bold ruggedness. Conquering a road like the engineer pass requires more than just a truck, as anyone trying to complete the journey should be prepared for any and every event that may meet them along the way. But the rewards, some 12,800 feet up, are the very reason off-roading is and will always be a popular form of entertainment as well as a showcase for the mastery one has on their craft.

Deep in the San Juan Mountains, the Engineer Pass is connected to the Cinnamon Trail (itself a fearsome leg of road) to create the Alpine Loop. Part of its charm is how stubbornly resistant to change this loop has been over the years; along the way you’ll find ghost towns and long abandoned mines, along a vista that has been untouched for over a century. The Engineer Pass cuts across time as well as the actual continental divide itself.

It’s an exclusive club along this trail, one thats membership requires a sturdy set of tires underneath your truck. Entry to the pass is easily gained with the combative and luxurious scope of a Land Rover Defender, but it will take skill (and your breath away) to navigate the route in full. One of the biggest upsides of Engineer Pass is that although it is technically a very difficult road to drive, it’s also rather well-known because of its legendary status; over the years, landmark posts have been erected and gorgeous stopping points accumulated. But, the pass itself is still considered less greenhorn friendly than its sibling in the Cinnamon Trail.

Perfect for an early summer expedition, and miles above and beyond most any other off-road junction, this should be a bucket list item for any owner of a vehicle as audacious and refined as a Land Rover Defender. The pass just celebrated its 140th

birthday, so there’s no time better to head out west for a mountain view. To do so, you’ll need the truck, but also the gear and the accessories to roll through and over the pass in one piece. When it comes to Defenders built from the ground-up for the off-road experience while enjoying in-car luxury, no place is as close to the cutting edge as East Coast Defender. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 for more information on what type of truck we can build for your journeys this summer.

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