Reasons Athletes Choose a Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Professional athletes need to arrive to the arena in style with their on-court persona starting in the parking lot. Today’s NBA, NFL, and MLS players are in a furious arms race to standout amongst their peers when rolling up with the tightest luxury ride, something the no other athlete on the field has. This list of cars is long and impressive: Dwayne Wade’s 240 McLaren MP4-12C or Russell Westbrook’s bright orange Lamborghini Aventador. Some players also roll in SUVs which have obvious benefits. Steph Curry, NBA champion and former league MVP, has a Range Rover in his fleet of luxury cars. Curry’s truck was said to have only a custom white paint job. And, no offense Steph, we’re sure it’s a great car, but it’s nothing like a fully custom-built Land Rover Defender that can be designed to exact posh specifications at East Coast Defender.

A Vehicle as Unique as You

Land Rover Defenders stand out in just a base factory form; They always have and always will. But when amplified with an array of accessories and a mega-powerful custom engine, such as the 6.2L Corvette Stingray LS3 V8, they go to the next level. Having a vehicle custom-built is the ultimate status symbol on the road, and the ability to choose your modifications easily and with variety ensures any athlete driving a Defender will have a true one-of-a-kind truck.

Olympic gold medalist and soccer savant Alex Morgan agrees. Project XIII was designed specifically for the on-field legend, with a stunning keswick green finish, but we won’t say much more as this road machine as it is still being refined and finished by our expert team at ECD. It will, no doubt, stand out as it’s driven into the parking lots of pitches around the world.

All Your Needs Met

Of course, beyond standing out, there are indeed super practical reasons for professional athletes to be interested in a truck like the Land Rover Defender. Athletes are generally big people who have a hard time finding cars to fit their frames; worry not with our massive, luxurious, modified Defenders. As a professional athlete, there comes a lot of gear. A custom-built Defender can be spacious and easy to convert depending on personal specification. Our Defenders have the room to carry every piece of workout equipment a professional athlete may need on the way to the gym or stadium, or for that matter, the whole team. Our seating layouts are unique, well-appointed, and most of all, roomy.

For more information on what type of exclusive and exceptional Land Rover Defender we can custom build from the ground up for you, have your people contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or at We’ll see to it that your ride turns heads in front of arenas for years to come.