5 Upgrades to Transform Your Defender into Your Daily Driver

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Our customizations run the gamut from accessories that can get you across a river to ones that can connect you to the web from a remote location. Both functionality and style can be built into a Land Rover Defender through deft modifications. East Coast Defender is a leader in pushing the limit on how far truck technology can go; the more radical the client, the more we love the challenge. Defenders are a head-turning vehicle, one that can take you off-road and out of your comfort zone. But, they are also terrific vehicles to use as your everyday mode of transportation. With these five impressive upgrades available from ECD, your custom modified Defender can go from functional to fabulous.

  • Left-Handed Drive Conversion

In order for your Defender to be comfortable to drive in the United States, the driver needs to be seated on the left side as opposed to right-seated drivers in the UK. US streets are all designed with a left-seated driver in mind, so not getting a conversion can cause some challenges. Our left-handed drive conversion moves the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and all other driving components to the left side of the vehicle to ensure that your Defender is the ultimate daily driver.

  • Automatic Transmission Conversion

Defenders traditionally (and in factory specs) were created with manual transmissions; it’s useful with off-road excursions especially. But fear not; along with the different ways in which we can position a gear shifter itself, we can also install automatic transmissions for clients wanting a more straight-forward approach to the road.

  • Upgraded Wheels

The options here are broad: function meets style in an incredible way. Kahn special edition 18” wheels are a popular fit with BFG tires. The goal is to match your body kit with a tire to make the smoothest road ride possible, and it’s a goal that 500 miles of test driving on each vehicle assures we hit.

  • Fully Electric Interior

Land Rover Defenders modified by ECD are true luxury vehicles and easy to spot for any valet. As such, the interiors we create are lined with luxury: electric windows and doors, touch screen GPS, LED lighting, Puma dashboard, and a well-placed sound system are just a few of the many accessories that you can choose from. Taken together, they make being a driver or passenger in our modern Defenders a lavish ride. In an instant, you’ll forget you might be driving a Defender originally built in the 90s.

  • World-Class Seating

Our seating, in both layout and fabric, is highly customizable depending on your needs. Check out the seven main outlines in the build section of our website, but don’t let it limit your imagination; from Corbeau racing seats to leather stitched bench style jump-seats, we have the variation to fit the road.

Our kaleidoscope of modifications can be overwhelming, but for more information on what kind of Land Rover Defender you can design for your daily travels, contact East Coast Defender today at 407-483-4825.