Achieve A Dream Driving Experience with Customized Interior Options

Land Rover Defender for Sale

There’s a world of exterior accessories and outward facing extravagance you can build into your custom-modified Land Rover Defender built in the USA. Incredible pieces from hood-mounted snorkels that filter and clear air to booming headlamps that boldly ignite the road ahead. East Coast Defender has the tools and skills to do it all. But of course, you are not going to be spending much time on the outside of you Defender. The real lavishness is reserved for the interior of our custom built trucks. From layout to cutting-edge sound and connectivity, we seek to make your driving experience a dream every day.

For Those Traveling With a Group

East Coast Defender is unique in its ability to offer seating layouts for a Defender not found in many other places. We have tried-and-true Interior Layout 2configurations we’ve settled on over the years. Our layout six and layout seven configurations are complex and incredible for those with large families or those commonly driving big groups.

  • Layout seven offers two front seats (often Corbeau bucket seats), two front facing middle seats, and jump style rear seats for passengers to chat face to face.
  • Layout six is the ultimate for big groups. Seating 10 people, this layout could fit nearly the entire New York Knicks team.

For Drivers Looking for Cargo Space

Additionally, we also offer layouts designed to for those with cargo in mind.

  • Layout four is popular in this regard; even as it comfortably seats five adults, it still offers enormous space for gear in the back tub.Interior Layout 3
  • Layout three distinctively combines space and seating, with two front facing driver seats, two front facing middle seats, and a unique combination of wall-mounted jump seats across from a hyper-functional large storage box.

The options and configurations are set only by the client, and only to your needs.

These layouts compliment the portions of your interior that can be included with every East Coast Defender build regardless of type: exceptional hand-woven leather seating, marine-grade carpet, Puma dashboards, and LED lighting. Incorporate it all, or just some, and amaze any and every passenger that steps within the confines of these luxury vehicles. These interiors are designed to make an impression. Everything is done on-site with nothing outsourced in our custom-modified Land Rover Defenders built in the USA. We even have a paint facility in our sprawling Florida headquarters. If you want to get involved with the finest in luxury level transportation, contact us today at 407-483-4825 or via our online contact form to find more about who we are and what we can do. To build your custom Defender, try our online configurator.