ECD Pushes the Limits of Luxury with the Puma Dashboard

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As a driver, you will be utilizing and viewing your dashboard constantly, second only to the road ahead of you. Functionality and capability starts at the dash, so you’d be wise to surround yourself with the highest in quality and sophistication; Puma dashboards suit this ideal well. Land Rover Defenders built from the ground-up at East Coast Defender feature these signature panels more often than not. Recent builds that incorporated them (divinely, at that) include notables such as Project ATL, Project Spectre, Project Stealth, Project Valor, Project XII and Project Willow. It can be a solid choice for your future Defender as well.

Puma Dashboards have been around for years and are considered a luxury upgrade to any Defender. Land Rover started installing them on new models around 2007 to add a more modern accessory. However, installing them into the skeleton of older Defenders, as we do at East Coast Defender, is a complex task that consistently pushes our abilities. Your dashboard is an information center, and communication coming from it must filter to units throughout the truck. Wiring must be precise and placement must be exact. From air conditioning to Bluetooth hookups, everything a driver inputs into a Puma must work seamlessly.

Of course, Puma dashboards look phenomenal. Our customized Defenders have completely unique dashboards with hand-stitched trim created to fit a client’s exact specifications. This has the effect of making every Defender even more one-of-a-kind and allows our customers to craft a driving panel that suits them perfectly. The specifications asked for can create some interesting challenges on our end (how to position the speedometer, where to fit in your touch screen display panel, etc.), but we build for the challenges.

These innovative trucks are designed and built by automotive craftsmen, pushing the boundaries of what can be put into a Land Rover Defender. And these unique Puma dashboards are no exception, with customizations meant to be both fully functional and extraordinary. Check out our project gallery to get a more visual concept of what these leather dashboards can look like in a truck. And for more information on getting a build started of your own, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or through our online contact form.